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WWE NXT Results (March 18th, 2020): Interviews with Superstars of the Black & Gold brand, what's next for Finn Balor? 

  • Three years in the making, we're ready for the final chapter between Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano.
  • Finn Balor is done wasting time in WWE. With only so much time in his career left, he's lit a fire under himself in NXT.
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Modified 19 Mar 2020, 07:42 IST

The return of the Psycho Killer
The return of the Psycho Killer

NXT opened up with a short recap of last week's episode before bringing us to Stamford, Connecticut. Todd Phillips and Triple H hosted the show, giving us in-depth interviews and special footage covering the rollercoaster relationship between the Psycho Killer and Johnny Wrestling.

The history of DIY

Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano went over their history as we saw some exclusive never before seen footage of their tryout in 2015. Their friendship blossomed while working at the Performance Center, as they were randomly placed together. Though they didn't receive contracts initially, they proved themselves while working the Cruiserweight Classic.

Johnny Gargano was always supposed to be in the tournament, while Ciampa wasn't originally part of the line-up. Ciampa revealed that he walked up to Hunter, wanting to face Gargano in the first round. It went down as, arguably, the best match of the entire tournament and one of the best matches of the year.

Following that, they officially became DIY. Ciampa & Gargano would wind up being one of the greatest tag teams in NXT history. Though they failed in their first attempt at the NXT Tag Team Titles, they knew that they had something special. Still, Gargano tapping to the Revival left a question in the back of Ciampa's mind. Would he have tapped?

That was the beginning of a slow burn of sorts. While they would eventually force Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder to tap out at TakeOver: Toronto, NXT fans noticed a tension building between the two. Still, the connection they had with the WWE Universe was special, and that only grew as they defended the belts around the globe.

Ciampa was living with Gargano and Candice LeRae, who had recently been married. Gargano and LeRae noticed Ciampa's doubt begin to grow, especially after the titles had been lost. At TakeOver: San Antonio, the Authors of Pain knocked off DIY to win the NXT Tag Team Titles. At TakeOver: Chicago, everything fell apart.


Ciampa said that nothing was personal, but Chicago wasn't their moment. It was his. He left for surgery as Gargano fell into a slump of sorts. Eventually, he rediscovered himself and made it to an NXT Title match against Andrade.

It was another classic bout from Gargano, but he would ultimately come up short. As he stood on the stage with Candice at TakeOver: Philadelphia, Ciampa returned to crack a crutch across his back.

After months of sneak attacks and Ciampa costing Gargano is NXT career, the two met at TakeOver: New Orleans. In an unsanctioned match, Gargano was able to outshine Ciampa once again, forcing him to tap to an STF, wit a knee brace for good measure.

Over the course of 2018, though, Ciampa would move ahead of Gargano. Defeating him twice, and winning the NXT Championship in between bouts with his former friend. In the beginning of 2019, Gargano pretended to "see things" Ciampa's way. Just as we had built to an NXT Championship match between the two in an epic two-year story from Chicago to New York, it was revealed that Ciampa would require neck surgery. After relinquishing the title, Gargano won it in a two-out-of-three falls match against Adam Cole.

Ciampa was happy to put everything behind he and Gargano. They embraced at TakeOver: New York. However, in Gargano's first defense, he lost the belt to Cole. When Ciampa returned, he got a hero's welcome, something that Gargano didn't quite understand.

Still, he reunited with Ciampa, and would eventually bring back DIY. At Worlds Collide, they defeated Moustache Mountain and it looked like all was right between the two men. Sadly, that wouldn't be the case.

At TakeOver: Portland, Gargano bashed Ciampa in the face with the NXT Championship, allowing Cole to retain. Gargano claimed that he saw the evil in his former friend's eyes that night, which is why he had to fix it. He saw what the fans couldn't.

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Published 19 Mar 2020, 07:42 IST
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