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WWE NXT Results (May 13th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

Thatcher and Riddle ripped each other apart while a certain archer revealed that he took down The Prince a few weeks ago
Thatcher and Riddle ripped each other apart while a certain archer revealed that he took down The Prince a few weeks ago
Greg Bush
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Last week, Adam Cole narrowly escaped with his NXT Championship in hand. Thanks to distractions from both the Undisputed Era and Dexter Lumis, the Panama City Playboy was able to overcome Velveteen Dream. Still, that left us with more questions. Dream's clearly not finished with Cole, right? Also, what's up with Dexter Lumis and his obsession with the Vainglorious One?

Tonight's NXT was an action-packed one, as always. Multiple Cruiserweight Tournament matches, Finn Balor vs Cameron Grimes, the return of Rhea Ripley, and a special announcement from D-Generation X.

We kicked off the night with the BroserWeights 2.0. Matt Riddle and Tim Thatcher put their tag team titles on the line against the invading force, Imperium. Two weeks ago, Imperium ruined the Newly Bros Show. Tonight, Riddle and Thatcher aimed to continue to prove that their new Broship is strong.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) vs The BroserWeights (Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher)

Timothy Thatcher locked up with Marcel Barthel, quickly gaining the advantage and working over the left arm. A hammerlock with a knee on the neck cranked out the second-generation Superstar. Barthel continued to escape Thatcher's holds, attempting to change tactics into a more ground and pound match.

Thatcher was not the one to try this with, as he easily maintained the upper hand. Eventually, Fabian Aichner tagged in, attempting to overpower Thatcher as Barthel yanked Matt Riddle off the apron. Riddle overcame Barthel and tagged in, but ran right into a shoulder tackle.

Aichner attempted a pop-up Samoan Drop but it was countered into a choke. He dumped Riddle on his head with a judo through, but Riddle responded with an exploder suplex. Barthel tagged in again, but also took an exploder.


Riddle's Broton was countered, allowing the tandem of Imperium to take over as we cut to commercial break.

As we returned, Aichner lost his grip on Riddle, but prevented a tag, instead driving Riddle into the corner. The double basement dropkick combination earned Barthel a two-count. Riddle fought off Aichner and Barthel, slowly making his way to Thatcher. Barthel was able to prevent it for nearly a minute, holding back the Original Stallion for quite some time.


Riddle turned one of Barthel's attacks into a monkey flip, which was impressive, but ultimately sent Thatcher to the floor. Thatcher took that as an insult, leaving Riddle at the hands of Imperium.

Thatcher left Riddle by himself as Imperium set up for the European Bomb. Riddle fought out, though, rocking Aichner with the Bro 2 Sleep and Barthel with a Final Flash knee strike. However, they were able to eventually connect with the European Bomb, thus crowning new NXT Tag Team Champions.

Results: Imperium defeated the Broserweights via pinfall.

Grade: B-

Not cool, bro. Not cool.

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Published 14 May 2020, 07:59 IST
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