WWE NXT results, video highlights, and analysis - 13 March 2019

DIY took on Aleister Black and Ricochet in an action-packed main event
DIY took on Aleister Black and Ricochet in an action-packed main event
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Tonight, NXT continued the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. With only four teams left, the War Raiders continue to watch closely to see who will face them at NXT TakeOver: New York. DIY, Forgotten Sons, Moustache Mountain, and Ricochet & Aleister Black, who have been on an incredible run on the main roster.

Also, Bianca Belair and Io Shirai finally settle their differences, as they faced one another to determine who would challenge the Queen of Spades and NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler at TakeOver.

Moustache Mountain vs Forgotten Sons

The Forgotten Sons continued their path of destruction tonight
The Forgotten Sons continued their path of destruction tonight

Tyler Bate started the match off with Wesley Blake, looking to outmaneuver the big man. Black slammed Bate and tagged in Steve Cutler who was met but a snap suplex from the former NXT UK Champion. Cuter eventually took over after a nasty elbow to the face and tagged Blake back in, who continued to keep the pressure on Bate with a slam followed by a Cobra Clutch of sorts.

Bate escaped and managed to tag in Trent Seven, who dealt with both Blake and Cutler at the same time, chopping both men before planting Cutler into the middle of the mat with a DDT. Seven countered a DDT from Blake into a side slam, but Cutler took out his left leg with a chop block, allowing Blake to take advantage of his injury that plagued him throughout 2018.

The Sons cut the ring off completely, keeping Seven in the corner where they punished his leg even more. Blake looked for a submission victory with a spinning toe hold, striking Seven in the gut while torqing his leg. Seven turned it into an inside cradle, but Blake imediately kicked out and trapped Seven in the Figure-4-Leglock. Seven turned it around, but Blake's strength allowed him to drag himself and Seven into his corner where he tagged in Cuter.

Cutler prevented Seven from tagging Bate yet again, but both met in the middle with a clothesline. They tagged in their respective partners and Tyler Bate went to work.

Bate sent them into a corner, connecting with a running uppercut before picking them both up for an airplane spin. He sent the Sons outside with a dual hurricanrana. He attempted a shooting star press to the outside, but crashed and burned.

He recovered quickly, sending Blake into Cutler with an exploder suplex, then bringing Blake back in for a Senton Bomb from the top rope. Cutler broke up the pin but was tossed out to the ramp for his troubles.

Seven tagged in and locked Blake in the full nelson while Bate connected with a rebound lariat, sending Blake onto his head with a dragon suplex.

Jaxson Ryker put Blake's foot on the ropes and distracted the ref, allowing the Forgotten Sons to take out Moustache Mountain with The Lost and Damned for the win.

Results: The Forgotten Sons defeated Moustache Mountain via pinfall.

Backstage, Matt Riddle was discussing the NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream. However, he was interrupted by Adam Cole, who is still looking to reclaim the title. Riddle said if he wanted to prove that, they should meet in the ring.

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Published 14 Mar 2019
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