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WWE NXT Takeover Chicago, June 16th 2018 Results, latest winners & video highlights

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NXT Takeover delivered as always

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#1 - The Undisputed Era vs. Oney Lorcan & Dany Burch - NXT Tag Team Championships

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Oney Lorcan took to the skies for the biggest match of his career

Strong & O'Reilly, accompanied by North American Champion Adam Cole, entered first to a huge pop. Lorcan and Burch came out second to a notably smaller reaction, with Undisputed chants ringing around the arena. Strong started things off with Lorcan, toying with him in the early stages, only for an uppercut to give Oney & Danny the advantage.

The match quickly broke down in terms of conventional tag team wrestling, with all four men getting involved simultaneously. Burch attempted to pull O'Reilly off of the turnbuckle, only for Strong to come launching out through the middle two ropes with a dropkick. Cole was directing traffic on the outside throughout most of the match - very nWo-esque, as you can imagine.

The tandem offensive moves between O'Reilly and Strong were extremely smooth and you could feel their ROH connection from a mile away. A vicious headbutt from Burch on O'Reilly turned the tables, and the wait for the hot tag began. Strong and Lorcan both made their way in with Oney getting the upper hand, with a series of vicious uppercuts. TUE both fell to the outside and Lorcan flew over the top rope with a lovely dive before rolling Strong back into the ring and nailing him again, getting a close two count.

Lorcan went between both men in the corners issuing uppercuts, before tagging in Burch. Lorcan got knocked to the outside leaving Burch on his own with O'Reilly, and the two men issued vicious strikes back and forth. Kyle went for the armbar but couldn't get the full extension, but Burch couldn't hold on any longer and the extension was successful - but Burch managed to crawl to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Strong and O'Reilly took turns in knocking Danny down, but he kept getting back up. He dug deep and got the tag to Lorcan, who nailed a double blockbuster onto the floor. Lorcan then hit the Electric Chair-esque uppercut finish from the top rope, but Adam Cole managed to pull O'Reilly's foot underneath the bottom rope to prevent the three count.

Strong saved O'Reilly from the finisher and Kyle got the guillotine on Lorcan, but he was able to reverse it. A strong powerbomb from Lorcan got a two count on Strong, but he turned it into a single leg crab. Burch then got the crossface on O'Reilly and it seemed as if TUE were on the verge of defeat, but O'Reilly managed to kick his way out of the hold.

All four men began trading in the middle of the ring in an Owens/Zayn kind of way. O'Reilly and Strong finally hit the double-team finish off the ropes to secure the three count.


The Undisputed Era defeated Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan to retain NXT Tag Team Championships

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