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WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 Results, August 18th 2019, Latest Takeover Winners & Video Highlights

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Ricochet thrilled the fans with a brilliant aerial display
Ricochet thrilled the fans with a brilliant aerial display

The show started with a look back at what had led to each of the feuds of the night, before the night's first matches began. The show was set to continue the Gargano and Ciampa feud, this time with the NXT Championship on the line. The Undisputed Era had two matches, with Adam Cole defending his North American Championship against Ricochet, and Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong facing Moustache Mountain.

Shayna Baszler put her title on the line against Kairi Sane, and EC3 faced Velveteen Dream. Without any further delay, let's get into the results from the night!

The Undisputed Era (c) vs Moustache Mountain (NXT Tag Team Titles):

The Undisputed Era took on Moustache Mountain

The Undisputed Era did not waste any time before getting into the match and came at Moustache Mountain all guns blazing. Trent Severn and Tyler Bate soon took control of the match, however, and they looked to dominate the bout. Severn and Bate's chemistry showed as Roderick Strong and Kyle O'Reilly tried to collect their breath and slow things down.

Roderick Strong got his team back in the bout with a Backbreaker on Trent Severn. Severn's left knee had a history of problems before the bout, and the Undisputed Era looked to take advantage of that. After a bit of isolation, Severn managed to tag in Tyler Bate, who once again took control. Bate showed immense strength as he carried Reilly on his shoulder while doing a 360 Spin holding onto Strong's legs. They were countering, but Bate did a Deadlift German Suplex on Strong, with O'Reilly still on his shoulder.

Bate could not keep up the fight against two opponents as he found himself victim to the quick tags from the Undisputed Era that had made them so dangerous since arriving on NXT. Strong put pressure on Bate's spine with a Gory Stretch.

The Undisputed Era focused on the apparently injured knee of Bate and continued to keep the pressure on him. Bate was able to throw Strong out of the ring and did the same to O-Reilly to try to reach Trent Severn. Severn came in off the hot tag and flipped Strong over his shoulder, before hitting a Suicide Dive on Kyle O'Reilly. He hit a Powerbomb on O'Reilly before going for a pin on Strong for a near fall.

The good teamwork again worked in Undisputed Era's favour, as the quick tags saw O'Reilly hit the Brainbuster on Severn. O'Reilly and Strong double-teamed Severn, before hitting him with an Olympic Slam for a near fall.

Severn had it all to do on his own at the point, with Strong locking in the Stronghold on Severn, while O'Reilly locked in the Triangle on Bate. Bate showed his strength yet again, picking him up with one hand and throwing him at the other pair breaking them up.


Bate hit the Suplex on Strong and then a Suicide Dive on O'Reilly., and then hit the Tyler Driver 97 on Strong for the near fall. The Undisputed Era again came back and O'Reilly locked in modified Figure Four on him. Severn almost threw in the towel on his behalf but didn't. Bate dragged himself over to Severn for the tag. Severn came in and the two hit O'Reilly with the Burning Hammer in what surely looked like the finish. O'Reilly still managed to kick out. Severn locked in the Full Nelson on O'Reilly, but Bate was taken out by Strong. Strong's distraction proved fatal, as O'Reilly hit the chop-block on Severn before taking him out to pick up the win.

Undisputed Era won, but all was not over.

The War Raiders attacked the Undisputed Era and threw Roderick Strong out of the ring. They then finished off Reilly inside the ring with the Fallout.

Result: The Undisputed Era defeated The Moustache Mountain and retained their NXT Tag Team Titles.

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