WWE NXT Takeover: War Games 2 Results, November 17th 2018, Latest NXT Takeover Winners & Video Highlights

  • NXT Takeover exceeded expectations once again as War Games saw an incredible finish!
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Johnny Gargano vs Aleister Black

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The two started with a stare off and Gargano talked trash before slapping Aleister Black's face. Black, enraged, kicked Gargano's face. The action goes outside the ring and Aleister Black continued with the kicks. 

He tried to get in Gargano's head and Gargano smiled, acknowledging it. Black once again sent Gargano outside the ring and did his signature flip-and-sit meditative pose, but Gargano slid back in and kicked his head.

Aleister Black finally got momentum on his side and hit a picture-perfect moonsault onto Gargano. Black continued the striking onslaught using all 8 points of his legs. He went for another springboard moonsault and landed it this time.

Aleister Black then went for a moonsault on the outside but Gargano escaped and ran into the ring to deliver a suicide dive-into-DDT. Gargano is smooth! It became a series of counters and Gargano charged, only to get hit by a flying kick.

Aleister Black begins to punish Gargano with strikes to the face followed by a bridging suplex but it was only a nearfall. The crowd chanted "This is Awesome!". Gargano caught Black's leg and hit an incredible clothesline. Gargano spun around and landed the Gargano escape.

Black cleverly tried to pin him but Gargano escaped. Gargano then countered a kick into one of his own. Gargano then did the DiY tease to go for the superkick but Black stopped him and sat in the meditative pose, telling him to bring it. It's all mind games.

Black evaded the knees and almost landed the Black Mass but Gargano's impeccable timing saw him get the kick instead. After this, they tried going for a striking contest but it was obvious Black was superior in that regard. Gargano then pushed him outside the ring and after trying to jump on him, met a BRUTAL kick to the face.

Gargano seemed to ask Black to put him out of his misery. Black lifted his head up with his foot and went for the Black Mass but Gargano ducked down and got the Gargano escape! 

Black nearly tapped but countered it into a roll-up. He stopped mid-way and then hit a jumping knee before landing the Black Mass.


But it wasn't enough for Black. He had Gargano resting on his chest. He went for one more Black Mass and that was all there was to it! 

Aleister Black def. Johnny Gargano

Published 18 Nov 2018, 08:28 IST
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