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WWE NXT TakeOver XXV Results (1st June 2019): Winners, Grades, Highlights, Reaction, Video Highlights & Analysis

02 Jun 2019, 07:29 IST

NXT Tag Team Championships (Fatal Fourway Tag Team Ladder Match): Street Profits vs Forgotten Sons vs The Undisputed Era vs Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

NXT Tag Team Championships: Fatal Fourway Tag Team Ladder Match
NXT Tag Team Championships: Fatal Fourway Tag Team Ladder Match

The Undisputed Era, Street Profits, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch and The Forgotten Sons faced each other for the vacant NXT Tag Team Championships at the NXT TakeOver XXV PPV.

The action immediately descended into chaos with everyone battling for supremacy. Somehow, Undisputed Era and Lorcan and Burch were left in the ring, as the two teams exchanged huge strikes.

The Undisputed Era cleared the ring again and again, making their aim to climb the ladder and get the titles known. They were brought down when collecting the ladders, as Wesley Blake of the Forgotten Sons took them both out with a Suicide Dive. As the other three teams were battling on the outside, Angelo Dawkins of the Street Profits dove to the outside taking everyone out.

Kyle O'Reilly tried to climb the ladder, but Wesley Blake threw him off, and he landed back-first on the ladder. The Forgotten Sons were using the ladder as a Battering Ram, but Lorcan and Burch hit them with a Double German suplex, with the ladder flying away and hitting Kyle O'Reilly.

The Street Profits double teamed Wesley Blake and hit him with a Leap Frog on the ladder, before a Flapjack put Cutler on the ladder.

The Undisputed Era hit a combination DDT-into-a-German Suplex on Montez Ford. The Undisputed Era tried to go for the titles, but Cutler picked up Kyle O'Reilly, and hit a powerbomb on the ladder, landing Bobby Fish on top of him.


Cutler tried to climb the ladder, but O'Reilly put the kneebar on him through the ladder. He was taken out, but Bobby Fish hit him with two Roundhouse kicks. Cutler, in reply, hit Bobby Fish with a Stomp.

Lorcan and Burch and the Street Profits came back taking out the others. Kyle O'Reilly emerged and tried to go for the titles. However, Jaxson Ryker, came out to help the Forgotten Sons and hit everyone in his way. He used the ladder to batter Angelo Dawkins and then catapulted Oney Lorcan into the ladder.

The Undisputed Era, Street Profits, and Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan came together to beat down Ryker and then batter him with the ladder bouncing it off him. Montez Ford jumped over the ladder onto Ryker on the outside. He was taken out by Lorcan, followed by Dawkins getting taken out by Undisputed Era.

They were taken out in turn and Lorcan and Burch cleared the ring. They battled on the top of the ladder with Undisputed Era, but Forgotten Sons came out of nowhere and threw them off the ladders. It looked like they would get the titles, but Angelo Dawkins came out of nowhere taking out Cutler, while Montez Ford jumped on the ladder and took the titles.

Results: Street Profits are the new NXT Tag Team Champions

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