NXT UK Results: Chaotic end to main event; Top factions engage in brawl

Chaos ensued on this week's NXT UK
Chaos ensued on this week's NXT UK
Levi Grayshon

This week's edition of NXT UK saw many rivalries come to a head. In the opening match of the night, Joe Coffey of Gallus went one-on-one with Eddie Dennis, who usually appears on-screen alongside Primate and Animal.

NXT UK fan favorite Dave Mastiff took on Sam Gradwell in singles action, and Dani Luna went face-to-face with the fashionista, Jinny, who was accompanied to the ring by Joseph Conners. In this match, a potential new alliance was teased.

The main event of NXT UK this week saw Moustache Mountain come together once more against the pairing of Noam Dar and Sha Samuels.

Here are the winners, grades, and highlights from NXT UK this week.

NXT UK opened with Joe Coffey vs Eddie Dennis

As soon as the bell rang, the two men circled one another. Eddie Dennis pushed Joe Coffey against the ropes, but the momentum changed when Dennis was swapped around by Coffey, who then punched him in the stomach.

Dennis then grabbed Coffey in a headlock, but the Gallus member overpowered his opponent and knocked him down to the mat. Dennis then escaped to the outside the ring.

However, Coffey followed, and the two men brawled at ringside. Joe quickly launched Dennis back into the NXT UK ring.

The Iron King then attacked his rival with a series of uppercuts and knee strikes. Dennis then used a Judo throw to take Coffey down to the mat. Eddie Dennis then held Coffey down in a cravat. Dennis kept his grip on Coffey but received more vicious uppercuts.

Eddie Dennis then used a knee drop on Joe Coffey. He then attempted a pin, but Coffey kicked out.

Joe Coffey then began to gather momentum. He hit a body slam on Eddie Dennis. Dennis then followed this up with a suplex followed by another pin attempt, but Coffey kicked out.

Both men then exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring. Eddie then took Coffey down with a clothesline and hit him with multiple strikes. After another failed pin attempt, the pair exchanged strikes once more in the center of the ring, and Joe Coffey hit Eddie Dennis with a belly-to-belly suplex.

NXT UK opened with Joe Coffey vs Eddie Dennis (continued)

As the action continued in the opening match of NXT UK, Joe Coffey began to gather more momentum. He took control of Eddie Dennis using a shoulder block, and then followed this up by slamming him to the mat. Coffey then went for a pin attempt, but Dennis kicked out.

Joe Coffey then tried to scale the ropes, but these plans were scuppered by Eddie Dennis, who grabbed The Iron King and launched him across the ring. He attempted another pinfall, but Coffey kicked out.

Dennis then lifted Coffey up onto his shoulder, but the Gallus member wriggled his way back down. Joe picked up Eddie and drove him into the turnbuckles.

He then managed to hold Dennis into a Boston crab, but was distracted by the arrival of Primate and Animal. The two remaining members of Gallus appeared, and a brawl broke out at ringside.

The NXT UK opener carried on as Joe Coffey managed to climb up the ropes and launched himself onto Eddie Dennis with a crossbody.

Coffey then followed this up with a Glasgow send-off to Dennis and finished him off with a Discus Lariat.

As the match ended, Primate and Animal jumped into the ring and attacked Joe Coffey. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus then swooped in to pull the pair away from Joe Coffey and threw them out of the ring.

A six-man tag match between the two groups was later announced for next week's NXT UK.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Grade: B-

Dave Mastiff vs Sam Gradwell on NXT UK

In the second match of this week's NXT UK, Dave Mastiff took on Sam Gradwell. When the bell rang to signal the start of the match, the two men slowly approached one another, before Mastiff quickly pushed his opponent into the ropes.

Once again the pair locked up in the middle of the ring. Dave Mastiff managed to pull Gradwell's hand behind his back, who soon got out of the hold. The pair then exchanged strikes in the middle of the NXT UK ring.

Dave Mastiff then knocked Gradwell into the ropes using an elbow and took the opportunity to take him down with a leg strike across both ankles.

As Gradwell was laid out, Mastiff continuously carried out forward rolls across his rival's chest. Dave attempted a pin, but Gradwell kicked out.

Dave Mastiff then hoisted Gradwell up across both of his shoulders and then dumped him in the middle of the ring.

The pair once again began to exchange strikes in the ring. As the match came to a close, Gradwell finally overpowered his rival and pinned him for the win.

Winner: Sam Gradwell

Grade B-

Dani Luna vs Jinny (with Joseph Conners) on NXT UK

In the third match of this week's edition of NXT UK, Dani Luna was quick to work on her rival, Jinny.

Luna managed to pick up her opponent twice and proceeded to slam her into the mat. Jinny then gathered some momentum as she launched into a series of quick attacks on Luna.

Jinny then held Dani Luna tightly in an iron octopus submission, but the latter eventually fought her way out. Jinny then attacked Dani Luna with multiple leg and elbow strikes. She locked in the iron octopus once more, before her rival wiggled out.

The pair then returned to the middle of the NXT UK ring. The duo exchanged blows, and Jinny then rolled up Danu Kuna for the win.

After the match ended, Jinny and Conners attacked Dani Luna. Former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews came to Luna's defense at the end of the match, and Jinny and Joseph were sent away from the NXT UK ring.

Winner: Jinny

Grade: C

NXT UK main event: Sha Samuels and Noam Dar vs Moustache Mountain

For this week's main event on NXT UK, Noam Dar teamed up with Sha Samuels against Moustache Mountain. The match was started by Tyler Bate and Noam Dar, and both stars quickly swapped out to tag in their teammates

This is where the momentum picked up in the main event. Former NXT UK Tag Team Champion Bate controlled Sha Samuels with a wristlock, but Samuels worked his way out. He then tagged in Noam Dar. Dar and Bate then brawled in the corner of the ring, with both men engaging in a striking game.

Dar then traded himself out for Samuels. Samuels cornered Bate, but Tyler used repeated knee strikes to keep him down.

Seven was then tagged back in the match and wasted no time against Sha Samuels. Samuels choke slammed Seven and then hit him with multiple punches before tagging in Noam Dar.

Dar quickly set to work on Trent Seven and targeted both of his rival's ankles before tagging in Sha Samuels.

Samuels hit Seven with strikes all over the body and then drove a knee into his back before he tagged Noam Dar back in.

Dar repeatedly attacked Seven with leg strikes to the middle of his back, and tagged in Samuels once again. Sha slammed Seven to the middle of the mat.

Trent Seven continued to be overpowered by Sha Samuels until Noam Dar returned to the NXT UK ring. Dar attempted a Tyler driver on Seven, but he began to fight back. He worked his way out of the move and then viciously struck Dar.

NXT UK main event: Sha Samuels and Noam Dar vs Moustache Mountain (continued)

At this point in the NXT UK main event, Trent Seven had begun to gather some momentum. He struck Noam Dar, who responded by using a fast leg strike to knock his rival down to the ground.

Sha Samuels then tagged back in and did everything that he could to prevent Seven from tagging Bate into the match.

Noam Dar came back once again and targeted Seven's arm with a wrist lock. Trent began to fight back with chest chops followed up with a DDT. '

Both men ended up laying on the mat. Seven attempted to get across to Tyler Bate, but Noam Dar pulled him back by one ankle.

Seven responded to this with a suplex on Dar and finally managed to tag in Tyler Bate. Bate went at Samuels with a huge amount of momentum and managed to get him down with a suplex.

Tyler appeared ready to pin Samuels, but Dar created a distraction, which caused former NXT UK Tag Team Champion Trent Seven to jump in the ring to help Bate. Bate pinned Samuels, but the referee missed most of this due to being distracted. Samuels kicked out at two.

Trent Seven then tagged back into the match. He and Bate teamed up to perform a spinebuster on Sha Samuels. Samuels then picked up Seven and drove him into the canvas. He attempted to pin Seven but he kicked out at two.

Trent Seven then sent both Noam Dar and Sha Samuels to the outside of the NXT UK ring. He launched himself onto both men, knocking them down before he tagged in Tyler Bate. Bate jumped over the top rope to take down both his opponents.

Trent Seven held up Sha Samuels across his shoulders, building up to a burning hammer. Tyler Bate climbed up to the top rope and hit a deadly knee strike to Samuels. He then pinned Sha for the win, with Moustache Mountain going home victorious at the end of NXT UK.

Winner: Moustache Mountain

Grade: A-

Edited by Alan John
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