NXT UK Results: Chaotic end to main event; Top factions engage in brawl

Chaos ensued on this week
Chaos ensued on this week's NXT UK
Levi Grayshon
Modified 23 Apr 2021
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This week's edition of NXT UK saw many rivalries come to a head. In the opening match of the night, Joe Coffey of Gallus went one-on-one with Eddie Dennis, who usually appears on-screen alongside Primate and Animal.

NXT UK fan favorite Dave Mastiff took on Sam Gradwell in singles action, and Dani Luna went face-to-face with the fashionista, Jinny, who was accompanied to the ring by Joseph Conners. In this match, a potential new alliance was teased.

The main event of NXT UK this week saw Moustache Mountain come together once more against the pairing of Noam Dar and Sha Samuels.

Here are the winners, grades, and highlights from NXT UK this week.

NXT UK opened with Joe Coffey vs Eddie Dennis

As soon as the bell rang, the two men circled one another. Eddie Dennis pushed Joe Coffey against the ropes, but the momentum changed when Dennis was swapped around by Coffey, who then punched him in the stomach.

Dennis then grabbed Coffey in a headlock, but the Gallus member overpowered his opponent and knocked him down to the mat. Dennis then escaped to the outside the ring.

However, Coffey followed, and the two men brawled at ringside. Joe quickly launched Dennis back into the NXT UK ring.

The Iron King then attacked his rival with a series of uppercuts and knee strikes. Dennis then used a Judo throw to take Coffey down to the mat. Eddie Dennis then held Coffey down in a cravat. Dennis kept his grip on Coffey but received more vicious uppercuts.

Eddie Dennis then used a knee drop on Joe Coffey. He then attempted a pin, but Coffey kicked out.

Joe Coffey then began to gather momentum. He hit a body slam on Eddie Dennis. Dennis then followed this up with a suplex followed by another pin attempt, but Coffey kicked out.

Both men then exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring. Eddie then took Coffey down with a clothesline and hit him with multiple strikes. After another failed pin attempt, the pair exchanged strikes once more in the center of the ring, and Joe Coffey hit Eddie Dennis with a belly-to-belly suplex.

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Published 23 Apr 2021
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