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WWE Opinion: Why should Bobby Lashley and not Roman Reigns face Brock Lesnar?

Aman Malhotra
3.56K   //    21 Jul 2018, 17:24 IST

Can we see the Two Superstars clash at Summerslam? (image courtesy - TheSportster)
Can we see the Two Superstars clash at Summerslam?

Bobby Lashley is all set to face Roman Reigns on RAW next week (July 23) in a match that will determine the #1 contender to challenge the 'Beast Incarnate', Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Although, there are rumours floating all around that Lesnar will finally drop his title at Summerslam and will move to UFC. It is also evident that WWE wants Roman Reigns to be the guy who dethrones Lesnar and becomes the Universal Champion.

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However, I feel that Bobby Lashley and not Roman Reigns should face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Here are a few important reasons for the same. Firstly, Lashley just defeated Reigns clean at Extreme Rules. Although everyone expected Roman to win at Extreme Rules, WWE shocked us by letting Lashley win clean over Roman giving Lashley the much-needed momentum he was looking for. Now if Reigns wins the match on RAW and becomes the #1 contender, it will ruin the momentum that Lashley has and will also ruin the importance of a victory at a pay-per-view.

Moreover, WWE Universe is bored of Lesnar vs. Reigns match. Let's face it, who wants to see yet another Lesnar vs. Roman match? It's better to replay their first match. 8-10 suplex, 4-5 superman punches, 2-3 spears and 2-3 F5s or more, and the one who is set to lose doesn't kick out after 15 mins of the match. Additionally, there is hardly any interest left to be invested in this feud.

And how can one forget that Lesnar has already defeated Reigns thrice (if we count the last year SummerSlam victory as well where Lesnar won the fatal 4-way match by pinging Reigns clean)? We already know how strong Lesnar has been projected in the last few years and he has destroyed everyone in his path including Roman. Now suddenly if roman defeats him, he will anyway not look that strong as WWE would have wished him to look. In my opinion, Roman should be given a break from the title picture.

At this stage, Lashley beating Lesner looks more convincing than Reigns beating Lesnar. Lashley is strong, looks similar in build as the Beast Incarnate and has a good past record of dominance and achievements. Assuming Lesnar does drop the title, Lashley should look more convincing in defeating Brock compared to Roman.

Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley both come from the same background of mixed martial arts and a lot of WWE Universe fans and fans from the pro-wrestling ecosystem have always wanted to see a fight between the two superstars. It is surely going to be one hell of a fight and can be marketed as a Summerslam worthy main event.

Commercially, Lesnar vs. Lashley will be a better attraction than Lesnar vs. Reigns re-match. Remember how the WWE universe treated previous matches of Lesner & Reigns. There was news that a lot of fans walked out of the arena during the last match to protest. Giving the third match in the same year will definitely not be best for business.

After all, with Lesner gone, Lashley can play the similar role that Lesnar has been playing since 2012 and can be the next beast. WWE, in the end, is all about a story with a babyface and a heel and the two competing. And this model also demands a very strong personality which one needs to conquer in order to establish his legacy.


Brock Lesnar did it by defeating Kurt Angle, Rock, John Cena, Undertaker and Goldberg. Brock can serve the purpose for Lashley and Lashley can serve the same purpose for upcoming superstars like Braun, Roman and Seth

Justified by the above-made arguments, I feel Lashley should defeat Reigns next week and face Lesner.

Of course, whoever wins and faces Brock Lesner, it would be great to see. Just like most of the fans are expecting, Braun Strowman cashing in and becoming the WWE Universal Champion. Now wouldn't that be classic?

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