Ranking the top 5 slaps to the face by Stephanie McMahon

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Somebody’s gonna get slapped!

Stephanie McMahon is one of the most memorable characters in the world of sports entertainment. One of the major reasons for her lasting character appeal is the trope that comes smashing straight at her enemy’s face- The Slap.

The slap has travelled long enough to stand the test of time and never get old. By now, you know it’s about to make an appearance but it’s still worth the wait. You expect that outcome for everyone who stands opposite her during a segment.

Even her family members have fallen victim to that trademark smack on the face.

Here are Stephanie McMahon's top 5 Slaps in her entire career-

  1. A Smack on the Biggest Stage of Them All


The most recent slap that was heard around the world comes straight from Wrestlemania. Stephanie Mcmahon slapped The Rock, of all people, and ordered him to leave the ring. The Rock had interrupted her promo alongside her husband where they were just rattling away about their accomplishments. She was merciless in her disrespect and The Rock did walk out only to get back in the ring with his friend, the UFC Bantamweight Champion, the undefeated, Ronda Rousey.

McMahon even recounted on Jericho’s podcast how this was the most brutal slap she’s ever performed. She even felt bad for The Rock.

Anyway, that slap led to one of the most memorable Wrestlemania moments between McMahon and Rousey.

4.The Heel Returns


Stephanie McMahon debuted a new look in 2005 when she returned as the Billion Dollar Princess. This was the time when Raw was making its way back to the USA Network. She slapped Stone Cold and then got Stunner-ed.

The next week, she returned and gave a brilliant promo, recounting why she’s the one who runs this place. This segment precisely depicts why she is one of the greatest heels in the company. She addressed the audience straightaway and was soaking in all the boos.

What better way to gain heel heat than slapping one of the producers and then Lillian Garcia. Watch the entire promo to see her be the best heel there is, otherwise just skip to 4.04 to see her do the deed.

  1. Batista


Batista’s return in 2014 is going down in history among the most miscalculated returns ever. He won the Royal Rumble in predictable fashion and became a heel for the fans. He was the symbol of whatever the WWE represented and all of that was against Daniel Bryan. Soon, everything he did was scrutinized, mainly his wardrobe choices (skinny jeans, the all Blue ring gear at Payback).

In the midst of all of that, they had him have a promo segment with Stephanie McMahon with his shades on. And Stephanie not only slapped the tastes out of his mouth, the slap even displaced the shades off his face.

  1. Brie Bella


Brie Bella, maybe, had the best moment of her career when she slapped the Slap queen herself, Stephanie McMahon. But McMahon, obviously got her payback later on when the feud actually kicked off. During the famous night when McMahon got arrested, she slapped Brie Bella in the audience. It was the slap that got her arrested.

Another slap was when she accepted to fight at Summerslam. But we’ll take the slap from the night she got arrested. It’s much more fun for the consequences.

Such momentous slaps, I tell you!

  1. Big Show


When you slap Big Show, you just don’t slap him once. McMahon slapped him the first time and it really didn’t make any noise. She slapped him again and then again and then again, again, again.

Just go make a gif of it and the slap is in perpetual motion.

That may also be the one time when Big Show did not beg for the survival of his job. He got fired immediately. Only to return, of course, later.

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