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WWE RAW 11th May 2015- 5 things that did not work

Arjun R
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Cincinnati played host to the latest edition of WWE RAW as the show was expected to centre around existing and new Payback storylines. With only a handful of matches added to the mix, more was expected this week. Triple H returning meant that the Authority was set to play an angle around Kane’s management aspects as well.

So, with quite some stuff in hand to be looked after, RAW was expected to be ‘more than interesting’ with every segment having a lasting impact somewhere. The show was indeed on ’payback’ mode as a most part of it was billed to brew existing storylines. However, certain segments were dull and we take it upon ourselves to highlight them for you.

So, here are the five things that did not work on RAW this week.

Kane vs Roman Reigns

Kane took on Reigns on RAW

With the intention of giving all Payback main eventers some action, Triple H scheduled a match between Kane and Roman Reigns. The duo have squared of multiple times in the recent spot and were at it once again. In what was a very boring match, Reigns picked up the win owing to some ‘outside the ring’ action near the commentary table.

Ever since he donned the corporate suit, Kane has hardly been at his fighting best and this segment just makes mockery of the same.

Ambrose taking on J&J security

Dean Ambrose – The wild card

If RAW is at Cincinnati, Ambrose will be cheered most. The hometown boy got the crowd reeling and he was in action against Rollins’ henchmen, J&J security. Of course he won it with ease, but why give a home favourite such a bad booking? Both his opposing superstars put on a bad show and Ambrose pretty much carried the match on his own shoulders.


Whether the WWE were planning to give him the night off with a ‘light’ fixture against the stooges or not is left to be seen. But, from what the crowd displayed, they wanted to see more from their hometown hero.

Daniel Bryan segment

Daniel Bryan – will he or won’t he?

Daniel Bryan returned to RAW after a long hiatus and the crowd welcomed their IC champion with a huge pop. He gave an emotioanl speech about how he loved the business and how the fans have always reciprocated with him. He also broke the bad news that his body is in no condition to wrestle and that the injury might pretty much end his career. He concluded saying that he will surrender the IC title as he will not be able to defend it.

Bryan had already done this once in the past and hence the segment only looked like a replay. Besides this, the fans want to see more of Bryan as a wrestler and not just someone who emotionally connects with them. Mixed reviews for this segment from fans and critics alike.

Sheamus interfers.... AGAIN!

Sheamus relishing in the heel role

Dolph Ziggler faces Sheamus at Payback. Ever since the Celtic warrior turned heel, he has been things that are more weird than his beard. He randomly interferes in matches and targets superstars with Ziggler, being his favourite. This week on RAW, Sheamus sat on the commentary table as King Barrett took on Ziggler in a surprisingly lackluster match between the duo. There was hardly anything exciting about the bout and the WWE universe too looked disinterested.

The creative team then stuck to their usual routine of getting Sheamus to distract Ziggler for the nth time to leave the former IC champion laying in the ring.

Macho Mandow

Yet another stunt double

Simply put, a talented superstar like Damien Sandow is being currently wasted in the WWE. He has been constantly repackaged with each new character faring worse than the previous one. This week, he teamed up with fellow wannabe Curtis Axel to take on the Ascension. The match was perhaps the worst part of the night as Mandow and Axel picked up the win.

If this is already not boring enough, the same teams face each other at Payback’s pre-show. Time fillers I see.

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