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WWE RAW: 5 Surprises which could happen at Mick Foley's new title announcement (20 May 2019)

  • This segment might be the biggest talking point of tonight's RAW with plenty of surprises unfolding!
Vatsal Rathod
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:07 IST

This could be the most interesting part of RAW tonight!
This could be the most interesting part of RAW tonight!

After a blockbuster and shocking conclusion of the Money in the Bank PPV that saw The Beast, Brock Lesnar become the new Mr. Money in the Bank, WWE Universe is excited to witness the fallout RAW episode of MITB tonight. The company has already hyped up the fallout show with a huge announcement during Money in the Bank itself.

The big announcement is that the Hardcore Legend and former RAW General Manager, Mick Foley will be returning tonight. But wait, that is not the main news. The news that has excited all the fans is that Foley will be announcing WWE's Newest Title on the show tonight as well.

While we are speculating as to which title this would be, I'm sure WWE has something huge planned for this segment as it could potentially be the biggest highlight of tonight's show.

In this article, let's take a look at the 5 Surprises which could happen at Mick Foley's new title announcement on RAW tonight. What are your predictions for the new title? Let me know your thoughts and views in the comments section below.

#5 Introduction of the Hardcore Title

This will take the internet by storm!
This will take the internet by storm!

Mick Foley is a Hardcore legend of WWE. If there is any title that suits him the best, it is the Hardcore title, after all, he was the first Hardcore champion when the belt was first introduced by Mr. McMahon in 1998.

It is only befitting that the Hardcore legend himself reintroduces the modern version of the Hardcore title tonight. In one of my other articles which you can read here, I've explained in detail as to why the title announced tonight by Foley has to be the Hardcore title.

The hardcore title's special stipulation of it being on-the-line 24X7 makes it one of the most interesting titles in WWE history. If WWE indeed reintroduces the Hardcore title tonight, they should definitely let it have the same stipulation of the champion having to defend it anytime, anywhere and against anyone.

While there is a chance of WWE turning this into a comedy title with too many useless and weird champions and title reigns, it has a lot of potentials to give us some great segments and matches as well. It's up to WWE how well they use it.

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Published 20 May 2019, 23:30 IST
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