WWE RAW - Best and worst- Real reason why Randy Orton and Riddle teamed up, Big mistake with 2 Current Champions 

The main event match changes the entire WrestleMania Backlash landscape
The main event match changes the entire WrestleMania Backlash landscape
Riju Dasgupta

When WWE RAW got underway, Sportskeeda's Matt Black lamented how Monday Nights, something we used to look forward to once upon a time, are no longer nearly as exciting.

There are definitely moments and highlights during the course of three hours, but WWE RAW is just so long that the charm wears off after a while. SmackDown isn't necessarily a better show (or is it?), but the two-hour length makes it more palatable than WWE RAW is.

There was very little that was bad, per se, but overall, considering how everything played out, it wasn't an enjoyable show. Before you throw accusations like 'AEW fan' or 'WWE hater' this way, please know that there's nobody in the world who wants WWE RAW to become more enjoyable than this humble reviewer.

So, what were the best and worst components of this show? Let's find out.

As always, because this is just one person's opinion, do not be afraid to voice your own in the comments section below.

#1 Best: An exciting new WWE RAW team is formed

As strange a duo as RKBro may be, Randy Orton and Riddle just seemed to work as a unit.

One has to wonder if this is an attempt to turn Randy Orton face, because Bobby Lashley is going to need babyfaces to feud with, once he's done with Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman. Maybe the groundwork for the face turn could be set with this alliance.

But maybe Riddle and Randy Orton are teaming up so that they can go after the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships at some point.

What a beautiful move RKO is that it can enchant and enthrall WWE RAW fans after so many years! Kudos to Randy Orton for his creativity.

#1 Worst: Where are the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions though?

Why did Omos and AJ Styles capture the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania if they haven't been a part of WWE programming since? The Viking Raiders were brought in and presented as strong challengers for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships since, but they weren't a part of this week's episode either.

As weak as the tag team division on SmackDown is, at least the Champions appear during the program. Is either AJ Styles or Omos dealing with an injury that we're unaware of that's kept both men off WWE RAW?

The same could also be said for Bray Wyatt. And it must be noted that before he returned to action, he had been missing for a very long time indeed. How can we take Alexa Bliss' new gimmick seriously, if Bray Wyatt isn't around for the story to continue?

There is just a general sense of aimlessness when it comes to the programming on WWE RAW. It doesn't make for good television.

#2 Best: Braun Strowman wins the big WWE RAW main event

If you put WWE RAW stars Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre in the ring again at WrestleMania Backlash, they will tear the house down. There is absolutely no doubt of that at all. That said, the WrestleMania Backlash main event is just a fresher match with Braun Strowman thrown into the mix.

Braun Strowman did win his big WrestleMania match and he did not, technically, lose the main event match on WWE RAW a few weeks ago to determine the No. 1 contender.

All of these points make him a deserving candidate for the WWE Championship. Yes, his previous feud with Bobby Lashley won't go down in history as Hogan vs. Andre, but it still had some memorable moments.

Do you think Braun Strowman or Drew McIntyre could pick up a victory at WrestleMania Backlash or will Bobby Lashley hold the WWE Championship all the way until SummerSlam? And if these two top WWE RAW Superstars can't defeat him for the title, who can?

#2 Worst: The lead WWE RAW announcer - Adnan Virk

If the voice of WWE RAW isn't gripping, isn't exciting, isn't compelling, then it doesn't make you want to tune in. Take away the soundtrack from your favorite movie, and suddenly, it is not as much fun! Adnan Virk has a long way to go before he's even at Michael Cole or Tom Phillips level, and he doesn't really add much to the booth.

One doesn't even have to compare him to Jim Ross or Jerry Lawler, but to his own predecessors on the WWE RAW brand. It will take him a while to reach their level, and until then, the product is destined to suffer. It doesn't help that Mauro Ranallo called Kenny Omega vs. Rich Swann only a few hours ago, reminding us why he's one of the best in the business.

If Corey Graves and Byron Saxton hadn't stepped up their game on WWE RAW, Virk would have been completely lost in the mix. Maybe Pat McAfee can share some tips.

#3 Best/Worst: The power struggle between the WWE RAW authority figures


It's just that we've seen many WWE RAW and SmackDown power struggles, which is why the Sonya Deville vs. Adam Pearce feud just feels a little underwhelming. That said, it is certainly compelling and one has to wonder if this is leading to Sonya Deville returning to the ring again. You can check out what Vince Russo thought, however, by clicking on the link above!

It was certainly cool to see Sonya Deville rekindle her feud with Mandy Rose, throwing her into the lion's den so to speak. When she was least prepared, Deville announced that her former Absolution buddy would have to face the top WWE RAW female superstar, Charlotte Flair.

Obviously, we're not going to get an Adam Pearce vs. Sonya Deville match in the same way that we saw Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin. Maybe a few interesting plot points can emerge from this feud across both brands - WWE RAW and SmackDown too.

How much would you rate WWE RAW on a scale of 1/10 this week?

Edited by Alan John
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