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WWE Monday Night RAW: Live results and coverage - 12th May 2014

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The Shield vs Evolution

The Shield vs Evolution

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this week’s live review of Monday Night RAW! We’re live from Greenville, South Carolina as we’re fast approaching the next PPV, Payback which will be live from the All State Arena in Rosemont, Illinois! But first, we have to get through this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, and we have to wait and see what transpires on this week’s episode.

WWE kicked off by looking back at last week’s episode, where Ambrose lost his WWE United States championship, and The Shield were later booked in the main event against The Wyatts. Evolution then attacked The Shield and laid waste to them. We then cut back to the arena where The Shield was already waiting in the ring! Ambrose then took the mic and talked about Evolution beating them down, and said that won’t happen again. He then called out Evolution, and Rollins then took the mic and said they weren’t running away from Evolution, but towards them. Rollins then challenged them, and Rollins taunted them, and said they were really good. He said they didn’t evolve with time, and that they will beat them down.

Rollins then gave the mic to Reigns, and Reigns talked about serving them justice, and getting back at Evolution. He told them to believe in them and dropped the mic, as the cameras cut back to the parking lot. Evolution entered the arena and The Shield ran to the back! The Shield attacked Evolution till the referees and the other employees separated The Shield.

Analysis: That was a great way to open the show! It makes perfect sense to kick things off with arguably the best feud in the company at the moment. We’ll have to see how things will unfold later in the night.

RVD vs. Jack Swagger (With Zeb Colter)

Colter cut a promo to begin the bout, and talked about Adam Rose interrupting him last week. He then warned Adam Rose to stay away from him, but not before he had some derogatory words for Rose. But before the bout could begin, Rose came out with his posse and paraded around the ring! The distraction allowed RVD to deliver a big superkick and the five star frogsplash to pick up the victory!

Winner: RVD

Rating: Dud

Post match, Rose and his entourage danced around to end the segment.

Analysis: That was a waste of time. It could’ve been wrapped up much sooner, and this makes me wish RAW went back to 2 hours, which won’t happen. Anyway, this sets up a future match between Rose and Swagger, possibly at Payback next month.

We then looked at the WWE Divas champion, Paige winning the Divas title.

WWE aired another vignette for the debut of Bo Dallas.

Paige came out for her match with Alicia Fox. Fox took the mic and said the divas didn’t like Paige, and asked her to get out. She blindsided Paige before the match even began! She beat down Paige, but Paige agreed to compete.

Paige vs. Alicia Fox

Alicia went right back on the attack with knees and a backbreaker! She then threw her outside and rammed her against the ring apron. Alicia covered Paige for the first nearfall of the bout. Alicia attacked Paige and then dropped her with a back suplex with a bridge for a nearfall! The crowd was right behind Paige, but Fox kept on attacking the Divas champion. Alicia then locked Paige in the surfboard backbreaker and dropped Paige face first!

Alicia rammed Paige’s face to the mat and locked her again in a chinlock. Paige hit the Paigeturner out of nowhere to pick up the victory!

Winner: Paige

Rating: * ½

Analysis: Fox kept up the attack right till the very end, but Paige found a way to pick up the win. That shows that Paige can lose the title at any moment, and also that she finds a way to pick up the victory from any predicament. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Paige, and who her next opponent will be.

Post match, Fox threw a fit and destroyed the ring – side area! She threw soda at JBL and headed to the back with his hat!

WWE then looked back at the events that unfolded last week with Bryan, Brie and Kane.

Back from commercial and Bryan made his way out to the ring. Rumors are running rampant that the WWE World Heavyweight champion has suffered a neck injury, and he seemed to be moving gingerly. The crowd welcomed him with a huge “Yes!” chant. Bryan talked about his long journey to be where he is right now. The crowd started chanting “Yes!” and Bryan joked about feeling like John Cena! Bryan talked about beating the odds thanks to the fans, and walking out of WrestleMania 30 the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. Bryan then talked about the beating he took after WrestleMania, at the hands of Kane.

Bryan then talked about his neck injury, and beating Kane at Extreme Rules. Bryan talked about taking a beating due to his style, and talked about having to get a neck surgery. He talked about having to deal with the bad situation, and said Stephanie, Triple H and Kane were happy about it. He insinuated that it might be his retirement, but said it won’t. He said he’ll be back soon, and ended the segment with a huge “Yes!” chant.

Analysis: So the rumors are true. Bryan needs to undergo a small procedure, and it’ll be interesting to see if Bryan gives up the WWE World Heavyweight championship. WWE made the situation look worse than it really is, which might indicate a new storyline in the works for Daniel Bryan.

WWE then looked back at the Bray Wyatt – John Cena feud, and Wyatt’s promo last week.

John Cena and The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family

Harper started things off with Jey Uso, and threw him around, but Jey came back with a big kick for a one count, and dropped Harper with some rights. Harper came back with a dropkick and drilled Jey with an uppercut. Rowan came into the ring and scoop slammed Jey! The crowd started the dueling “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chant as Bray Wyatt tagged himself in. Harper then came back into the ring and maintained control over Jey.

Harper drilled Jey with some kicks and whiplashed him in the corner. Harper missed with a clothesline in the corner, and Jimmy came in after a tag and laid waste into Harper, and dropped him with a Samoan drop, and then a corkscrew moonsault! Rowan and Bray diverted Jimmy’s attention, and Harper came back with a big boot! Bray tagged himself in and drilled Jimmy with some rights of his own! Bray tagged Harper in once again, and Harper worked on Jimmy Uso. Jimmy tried to make a comeback but Harper dropped him with a back elbow and tagged in Rowan! Harper drilled Jimmy with a back breaker and tagged in Bray. Bray and Jimmy exchanged rights, but Bray stopped Jimmy with a clothesline in the corner. Jimmy dug deep and knocked Bray down with a huge kick to tag in Cena!

Cena knocked Harper down with a couple of shoulder blocks, but Harper came in and dropped Cena face first! Jey came in and threw Harper out of the ring, but Wyatt dropped Jey. Action broke down as Jey and Jimmy took out Harper and Bray Wyatt with some superkicks and a top rope plancha, while Cena hit the AA on Rowan to pick up the victory!

Winner (s): Cena and The Usos

Rating: ***

Analysis: That was a good 6 man tag team match, and the end sequence was great as expected. This will probably lead to a feud between The Usos and Harper and Rowan for the WWE Tag Team championships, while Bray and Cena continue with their feud.

Post match, Bray took the mic and thanked Cena, and said he now knew what he should do, and then he asked Cena to follow the buzzards.

Up next, we hear from Evolution.

Back from commercial, and Evolution made their way out. Orton took the mic and begged Hunter to end things. He said he had enough, and it was time to put The Shield down forever. Batista also said he had enough! Hunter then spoke about how he protected The Shield and how he fed the entire roster to them. Hunter said he will pick them apart, and said The Shield will have their rematch. Hunter said they will take them out one – by – one, and they would start with Ambrose, then move onto Rollins and finally, make an example out of Roman Reigns.

Hunter said Roman Reigns will not come back from Payback, and that Evolution will put Reigns out once and for all, but before Hunter could finish, The Shield attacked Evolution once again! The hounds of justice threw Evolution out of the ring and stood tall in the ring. Batista then challenged Roman Reigns to a match later in the night!

Analysis: That was once again a perfect segment to set up a match between Batista and Reigns. This feud is being booked very well, and it’ll be interesting to see who gets the big pay off after the feud ends.

Natalya vs. Nikki Bella with Total Divas crew at ringside

Natalya and Nikki apparently have a problem because Natalya painted a weird picture of Nikki and Cena, with Nikki being “bigger” than Cena. Natalya dropped Nikki with a spinning leg dropping Nikki to the mat, while Nikki came back with a crossbody from the top rope. Both women slapped each other and Natalya locked Nikki in an abdominal stretch, while Nikki reversed it. The women outside kept rating their moves. Nikki picked up the victory by rolling up Natalya for the 3 count.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Rating: ½ *

Analysis: That was absolutely painful to watch, and the story was just as painful. The less I say the better.

Post match, Natalya ripped the number card, as Nikki made her way to the back.

Curtis Axel (With Ryback) vs. Sheamus

Axel and Ryback flipped a coin to see who faced Sheamus, as Axel said, “Heads I win, tails you lose”. Axel started things off aggressively, putting the US champ down with knees and boots. Sheamus tried to make a comeback, but Axel dropped him with a dropkick! Sheamus went to the top, but Curtis crotched him and dropped him with a neckbreaker from the top rope for a nearfall! Sheamus caught Axel and locked him in a cloverleaf as Axel tapped out!

Winner: Sheamus

Rating: **

Analysis: That was a short match, with WWE feeding Axel to Sheamus. Axel held his own in the bout, and I don’t know if it’s just me or something, but Axel has become a little entertaining ever since he was paired with Ryback!

Post match, Ryback attacked Sheamus as we got ready for yet another match!

Ryback vs. Sheamus

Back from commercial, the match already started as Ryback worked over Sheamus. Sheamus rolled out of a splash to get some air, and went at Ryback with big rights and axe handles. Sheamus hit a huge knee and then connected with the ten blows to the chest of Ryback! Ryback hit a jawbreaker out of nowhere for a nearfall! Ryback went for a meathook clothesline, but Sheamus connected with the White Noise for a nearfall! Ryback connected with a spinebuster for yet another nearfall! Sheamus picked Ryback with a powerslam for a nearfall of his own! Sheamus went for the Brogue kick, but Axel distracted Sheamus as Ryback connected with the meathook clothesline! Ryback went for the shellshocked, but Sheamus connected with a brogue kick out of nowhere!

Winner: Sheamus

Rating: ** ½

Analysis: That was surprisingly a good match between Ryback and Sheamus! I didn’t expect that out of these two, but they put on a solid bout. This might lead to a feud between RybAxel and Sheamus.

Back from commercial, and Stephanie McMahon made her way out to the ring. She mocked Bryan’s promo earlier in the night, and said Bryan wasn’t an A+ player. She said she was trying to protect Bryan, but he didn’t listen. She said she had to do what was best for business, and told Bryan to come down to ring, but Kane’s music hit as he dragged out a lifeless body of Daniel Bryan! The trainers came to check on Bryan and brought a stretcher, as Brie and Stephanie looked concerned. Bryan was then stretchered off.

Back from commercial, Stephanie kept apologizing to Brie as Bryan was being loaded into the ambulance. Brie shoved Stephanie and got into the ambulance to accompany her husband to the hospital, as Stephanie looked on in anger.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango (With Layla)

Dolph and Fandango exchanged blows as Fandango took Dolph down with a hip toss, but Dolph connected with a dropkick. Dolph was then thrown outside as Fandango followed suit and brought him back into the ring for a nearfall. Fandango connected with elbows and uppercuts as the crowd chanted for Ziggler. Fandango connected with a knee to the gut and a suplex for yet another nearfall! Fandango locked in the chinlock, but Dolph came back with rights and a neckbreaker. Fandango planted Ziggler to the mat for yet another nearfall! Fandango went to the top, but Dolph connected with a fame – asser for a nearfall! Layla distracted Dolph as Fandango connected with a huge heel kick for yet another nearfall! Fandango went to check on Layla, but Dolph connected with the Zig – Zag to pick up the victory.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Rating: **

Analysis: That was a good back and forth action between the two, but it was more of a filler match than anything else.

Post match, Layla looked concerned, and wanted to apologize to Fandango. Fandango stopped her, and said he had what no one else did, and praised Layla. He then said he loved her, as they ended the segment by kissing in the ring.

Back from the break, and HOF’er “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan made his way down to the ring! Hacksaw plugged in the Legends House show on WWE Network, and before he could say anything else, he was interrupted by Lana. She talked about Russia, and about Vladimir Putin. She said Rusev was proud to represent Russia, but Hacksaw urged the fans to chant “USA”. This brought out the Bulgarian brute, Rusev!

Rusev and Lana made their way to the ring, and Lana told Jim to beg for mercy. Jim turned it down, and Rusev broke the 2 x 4! Lana ordered Rusev to attack Jim, but the WWE IC champ Big E made his way down to the ring to make the save! Rusev attacked Big E and superkicked him, sending him out of the ring to end the segment.

Analysis: Rusev is scheduled to have his first big feud on the main roster, against Big E. This will be an interesting feud between the two big men in the WWE, and it’ll be interesting to see if WWE goes ahead by putting Rusev over.

Back from commercial, Damien Sandow made his way out. He tried to cut a promo, but was interrupted by Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes (With Goldust) vs. Damien Sandow

Cody and Sandow locked up, and Cody took Sandow down with a Fireman’s carry. Cody rolled Sandow up for a one count. Cody kept on the offense but Sandow ducked out of the Disaster kick. Sandow started working over Cody and dropped him with a suplex for a one count. Cody tried various pinning predicaments but wasn’t successful. Sandow connected with a side Russian leg sweep as the crowd chanted for Cody, but Sandow missed the elbow of disdain! Sandow locked Cody in a reverse chin lock but Cody came back with a clothesline! Cody connected with a springboard dropkick, and then with a boot to Sandow’s gut. Cody missed with the Cross Rhodes. Sandow attacked Cody, but Cody came back with a rake to the eyes and the Disaster kick to pick up the victory.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Rating: **

Analysis: WWE is waiting to pull the trigger on the feud between Cody and Goldust. It might likely happen around SummerSlam; the bout itself was decent, given the limited amount of time they had. It’s sad to see these two fall down the ladder, after having a great feud a year ago.

Bray Wyatt cut yet another amazing promo, summarizing John Cena’s flaws, and how Bray will prove Cena is just a mortal. Bray Wyatt has been amazing on the mic, and he continues to impress everyone with his verbal skills.

Batista (With Triple H and Orton) vs. Roman Reigns (With Rollins and Ambrose)

Roman and Batista locked up in the ring, as Batista drove his shoulders into Reigns in the corner. Roman turned things around with shoulders of his own. Roman threw Batista outside the ring, and they went at it near the ringside area. Batista and Roman went back and forth as the crowd started a “Bootista” chant! Roman drilled Batista with rights, but Triple H and Orton stood on the apron, forcing Ambrose and Rollins to do the same. Roman drilled Batista once again, and went to the outside, when he was confronted by Triple H and Orton! Rollins and Ambrose took them down with a double suicide dive as Roman delivered a big running boot to Batista. Triple H tried to intervene, but Rollins took him down once again. Back inside the ring, The Shield stood tall as Evolution was down on the mat, but Stephanie brought out all the heels from the back!

The Shield was overpowered by a dozen superstars! Triple H brought a chair inside the ring, but Roman took him out with a spear! Ambrose and Rollins brought chairs inside the ring and laid waste to everyone! The three men delivered their finishers to three different superstars, and then they delivered the triple powerbomb to Ryback as Evolution watched in shock from the ramp! The Shield stood tall to end the episode as Evolution scattered to the back!

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

Rating: * ½

Analysis: That is how you book the faces strongly! I absolutely love the way WWE have gotten behind The Shield, and this can only be a good thing for WWE’s future. Roman is penciled in to be the next big thing in the WWE, and both Rollins and Ambrose are in the same pecking order! That was a fantastic way to close the show.

Over – all rating of the show: *** (Out of 5 stars)

The rating of the improved with the strong ending, and it suffered majorly due to sloppy matches. WWE needed filler segments throughout the night, which doesn’t speak too well about their planning for the show. I have no qualms regarding the way they’ve been booking The Shield though! Daniel Bryan will be taking some time off, but hopefully he’ll be back by Payback. That does it for this week’s episode. Join us next week as we continue our journey towards WWE Payback!

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