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WWE Monday Night RAW: Live results and coverage - 5th May 2014

LIVE review and analysis of WWE Monday Night Raw, 5th May 2014.

Kane and Daniel Bryan at WWE Extreme Rules

Kane and Daniel Bryan at WWE Extreme Rules

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the live review of Monday Night RAW! We’re live from the Times Union Center in Albany, NY. This episode of RAW will see the fall – out of the Extreme Rules PPV, and a battle royal is scheduled to kick off the show for the WWE United States championship!

20 man over the top rope battle royal for the WWE United States championship

RAW kicked off with the battle royal for the WWE United States title, and the bout was dominated by the Big Show and Mark Henry, until Sheamus delivered the Brogue kick to the Big Show all the remaining superstars threw Big Show over the top rope, and then did the same with Mark Henry. Kofi Kingston tried to showcase his athleticism, but was eliminated as well. The Rhodes brothers were also eliminated and in the process, Swagger, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose and RybAxel were the last five remaining superstars in the ring.

RybAxel worked in tandem to eliminate the other two superstars as the crowd started a “Goldberg” chant, and then a “CM Punk” chant. Ambrose eliminated Axel and then got into a brawl with Ryback on the apron and then drop toe holded Ryback off the apron, eliminating him in the process. Swagger tried to eliminate Ambrose, but Ambrose eliminated him! Sheamus then Brogue kicked Ambrose and threw him over the top rope to win the WWE United States championship, ending a record run by Dean Ambrose in the process!

Winner and the new WWE US champion: Sheamus

Rating: ** ¾

Analysis: So you fall asleep on the PPV, and win the US title the very next day? If Ambrose was to lose the title, it would’ve made sense for Ambrose to lose it due to interference by the members of The Shield, but that didn’t happen. Either way, it was a fun way to kick off the episode of RAW, and Sheamus is the new United States heavyweight champion!

Post match, Triple H came out and announced that The Shield’s luck had run out, and that they would be facing The Wyatt Family in the main event of the show in a 6 – man tag team match!

Back from commercial, and WWE aired a vignette for the debut of Adam Rose, and it will be tonight!

Backstage, Renee caught up with the new US champion, Sheamus. Sheamus talked about coming back from an injury and waiting for the right opportunity, and tonight was the night. He ended the interview by saying “No hard feelings, fella” to Dean Ambrose.

WWE then showed the highlights of Daniel Bryan – Kane match at Extreme Rules. Bryan and Brie were shown backstage, and Stephanie came in and tried to scare Daniel Bryan and Brie. She asked Bryan to stay in his locker room till his match later in the night and left. Brie then noticed Kane’s mask hanging on the back of the door.

RVD made his way to the ring for his match against Cesaro.

RVD vs. Cesaro (With Heyman)

Heyman came out first and announced that Lesnar conquered Taker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. He talked about Cesaro winning the triple threat elimination chamber match at Extreme Rules, and then introduced the “King of Swing” Cesaro.

Cesaro and RVD sized each other up as RVD took Cesaro down. Cesaro returned the favor with a shoulder tackle for a one count. Cesaro powered RVD down once again for a nearfall as Heyman barked orders from the outside. RVD came back with a big Thesz kick and the rolling thunder! Cesaro rolled outside and listened to Heyman’s plans. Cesaro then targeted RVD’s swollen eye, but RVD back body dropped Cesaro over the top rope and caught him with a huge plancha! RVD then hit a moonsault from the apron and a leg drop from the top rope for a nearfall!

Cesaro countered RVD’s offense and beat RVD down. The crowd started a “Paulrus” and “CM Punk” chant as Cesaro knocked RVD out of the ring, and WWE went into commercial.

Back from commercial and RVD tried to get his offense in, but Cesaro nearly took his head off with a clothesline for a nearfall. RVD tried to pin Cesaro with various pinning predicaments, but Cesaro connected with a huge European uppercut for a nearfall! The crowd started a “RVD” chant as Cesaro connected with another uppercut for another nearfall. Cesaro then went for the multiple gutwrench slams for yet another nearfall!

Cesaro continued with his offense, and RVD’s attempt to go to the top rope failed as Cesaro caught him in the tree of woe and pounded RVD. RVD tried to make a comeback with a kick, which set Cesaro off. Cesaro attacked a hapless RVD with huge shots and a big boot to get disqualified. Paul Heyman intervened and asked Cesaro to stop the attack as the referee checked on RVD.

Winner by DQ: RVD

Rating: ** ½

Analysis: That was a decent match, but the ending didn’t make much sense. Cesaro is on a roll at the moment, and the DQ won’t affect his momentum. This will likely lead to yet another grudge match either on Smackdown! or on RAW next week. One thing is for sure, Heyman is doing wonders for the career of the “King of Swing”.

Bray Wyatt then showed up on the big screen, and told Albany that they were here!

Back from commercial, and The Wyatts were in the ring. Bray talked about how Abigail told Bray that he would be a leader, and how he believed her. Wyatt then said it was a wicked world, and talked about how everyone looked down on him, and treated him like a nobody. He then talked about beating John Cena at Extreme Rules, and becoming “somebody”. He talked about Cena’s fears coming true because of a singing child. He said Cena couldn’t fool the children, and talked about how they can see right through John Cena! Wyatt then said Cena was right, and that he was a monster. Wyatt then mocked Cena, and said his messages were lies, and said he does indeed wish to watch the world burn.

Wyatt talked about burning down the world and recreating it in his own image, and said that he does everything for the children and the poor, and not for himself. Wyatt said he did everything for the WWE Universe, and talked about Cena being alone in this war. Wyatt asked the children to stand with him, and referred to himself as God. Wyatt then sang the “He’s got the whole world” along with the fans to end the segment.

Analysis: That was yet another amazing promo by Bray Wyatt. His character is arguably the most interesting thing in the WWE, and it’ll be interesting to see if WWE takes a chance with Cena’s character thanks to Bray Wyatt’s amazing performances.

Back from commercial, and Ryback was out ready to face Cody Rhodes.

Ryback (With Curtis) vs. Cody Rhodes (With Goldust)

Ryback and Cody started off by taking the action in the corner, as Cody worked over Ryback. Ryback came back by hanging Cody over the top rope and kept on pressing the gas. Ryback dropped Cody and covered him for a nearfall. Ryback stomped Cody and delivered a suplex. Ryback connected with a vertical late suplex on Cody for a nearfall.

Goldust yelled “Get up and fight” from ringside, as Cody tried to make a comeback, but Ryback stopped him with a hard whiplash in the corner. Ryback scooped Cody and delivered a splash for a nearfall. Ryback then went for a chinlock as the WWE Universe got behind Cody Rhodes. Cody tried to escape but Ryback dropped him. Ryback missed with a splash from the middle rope as Cody found a window. Cody connected with a running knee for a nearfall, and then connected with the Disaster kick! Cody connected with a springboard missile dropkick. Cody went for the top but Axel tried to interfere, and Goldust attacked Axel and pushed him into the post, leading to Cody losing his balance. Ryback took advantage and hit the shell – shocked to pick up the victory.

Winner: Ryback

Rating: **

Analysis: That was a decent match between Cody and Ryback, and this will lead to a match between the Rhodes brothers, probably by SummerSlam. It’ll be interesting to see how this story evolves, and Ryback and Curtis Axel have found a way to get back on TV by being an effective tag team.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Brie were on the lookout for Kane. The lights inside their room went off and Kane’s mask started glowing, as Brie and Bryan went out of the room and ran into Stephanie. Stephanie asked them to stay put and that she’d bring their car into the arena.

Back from break and Los Matadores were in the ring with El Torito, and they celebrated Torito’s victory this past Sunday. Torito threw some candy for the fans before 3 MB interrupted along with Hornswoggle. Mahal asked Matadores to speak in English as this was America. Drew spoke next and talked about Matadores leaving the ring. Matadores and Torito had a discussion and Torito offered Hornswoggle some candy, but Hornswoggle attacked Torito. Matadores drop kicked Drew and Mahal out of the ring and then threw Slater out of the ring. Torito then delivered an airplane spin to Hornswoggle and then gored him from behind to end the segment.

WWE then aired a vignette about Bo Dallas.

Kofi Kingston vs. Alexander Rusev (With Lana)

Lana came out first and talked about Putin, and knocked United States. She then introduced Rusev for the bout.

Kofi immediately went at it with Rusev with kicks before Rusev stopped him in his tracks. Rusev then delivered some headbutts in the corner and followed up with a huge belly to back suplex! Kingston managed to get his legs between Rusev and himself before Kofi delivered a dropkick. Kofi followed up with a crossbody from the top rope. More back and forth offense before Rusev caught Kofi and delivered a fall – away slam. Rusev followed up with the swinging side slam and locked in the camel clutch. Kofi tapped out to give Rusev the victory.

Winner: Rusev

Rating: * ½

Analysis: That was a basic squash match, but Kofi got his offense in for the majority of it. Rusev’s strength is impressive, and it’ll be interesting to see when WWE gives Rusev his legitimate first big feud on the main roster.

Backstage, Bryan and Brie cautiously made their way into the car and before they could drive off, Stephanie appeared and said Bryan had to compete in a match, and if he didn’t, she’d strip him off the WWE World Heavyweight championship for a breach of contract. Bryan and Brie made their way back into the arena as the cameras faded.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan (With Brie)

ADR waited in the ring as Bryan came out to a huge ovation from the Albany crowd. ADR and Bryan locked up and ADR knocked him down. Bryan retaliated with a dropkick and landed some rights on ADR. Bryan went for the kicks in the corner, but ADR dropped Bryan for a nearfall. ADR controlled the pace as the crowd chanted for Daniel Bryan. Bryan made a comeback with some kicks in the corner and delivered a clothesline. ADR stopped Bryan’s offense and took the fight on the outside, and threw Bryan against the barricade as WWE went to commercial.

Back from commercial and ADR was still in control. ADR connected with a German suplex for a nearfall. ADR locked in the armbreaker over the top rope till the five count, softening Bryan’s arm. Bryan made a comeback and worked on ADR’s leg. ADR turned the tables and threw Bryan over the barricade. ADR connected with a spike DDT inside the ring and went for the superkick, but Bryan ducked and delivered a shining wizard! Both men exchanged shots but Bryan got the upper hand. ADR connected with a big clothesline in the corner to turn the tables once again. ADR went for a superplex but Bryan fought out of it. Bryan connected with the swandive headbutt for a nearfall!

Bryan delivered the running dropkicks in the corner, and then connected with the suicide dive on the outside to throw ADR over the barricade! Bryan went to the top but ADR stopped him with an enziguri for a nearfall! ADR went for the cross armbreaker, but Bryan reversed it into the LaBelle lock and ADR tapped out!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Rating: *** ¼

Analysis: That was an impressive match between two of the best technical wrestlers in the WWE. Daniel Bryan just keeps impressing everyone, and putting on such a match 24 hours after a brutal bout shows just how amazing a competitor Bryan is.

Pos t match, the pyros went off and Kane’s music hit, as Bryan and Brie made their way back to the car. The car didn’t start, and Bryan got down to check the problem. When he slammed the hood, he saw Kane inside the car with Brie. Bryan and Kane fought outside the car, and Bryan managed to run Kane over. Bryan got down to check on Kane, as Kane sat up. Bryan and Brie sped away as Kane tried to catch up.

Big E vs. Bad News Barrett for the WWE Intercontinental championship

Big E made his way out first followed by BNB.

Big E and BNB locked up as Big E took Barrett down. Big E delivered a couple of back breakers for a nearfall. Big E delivered some shots to BNB on the outside and ran through BNB into the steel steps! The crowd started a “Bad News Barrett” chant as Big E went shoulder first into the steel post! Barrett came back with a huge clothesline. BNB dropped Big E on the outside as Big E struggled to make his way back as WWE went into commercial.

Back from the break and BNB was in control, but missed with a big boot. Big E exploded with a clothesline and went for the splash, but Barrett got his knees up! BNB hit the Winds of Change for a nearfall. The crowd started a “CM Punk”   chant as Big E threw BNB on the apron, but BNB connected with a knee to Big E’s head. BNB went for the bullhammer, but Big E avoided it and took BNB out of the ring with him! Back in the ring, Big E connected with a belly to back throw, and connected with another one. Big E went for the Big Ending, but BNB slid out and raked his eyes, and followed up with the bullhammer elbow to pick up the victory.

Winner and still the WWE IC champion: Bad News Barrett

Rating: ** ½

Analysis: That was a decent bout for the IC, and it is the first episode of RAW in many years to have had both, the WWE US title and WWE IC title on the line. It’ll be interesting to see where BNB goes from here, and one would imagine that he will be pushed into the main event scene soon.

WWE aired a hilarious padory of Mr. T’s speech during his HOF induction for Mother’s Day. Well done, WWE!

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger made their way out. Zeb cut a promo ripping on Heyman and Cesaro, and then took turns insulting Paige, Sheamus and Santino. His promo was interrupted by a bunch of people dancing, and Adam Rose made his way out! He was carried around, and he made his way into the ring. The crowd sang Rose’s theme song as Rose caught Zeb by his moustache and asked him to be a “rosebud”. Swagger tried to attack Rose, but he back body dropped him out of the ring. The others joined Rose back in the ring dancing, as Zeb scattered out of the ring.

Main event time, as the Wyatts came to the ring followed by The Shield.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield in a 6 man tag team match

The Shield attacked The Wyatts to begin the bout! Ambrose and Rowan started the match as Ambrose was all over Rowan. Ambrose tagged in Rollins, but Rowan stopped him in his tracks and tagged in Harper. Ambrose and Rollins double teamed Harper with a suplex and couple of shoulder drops for a nearfall. Reigns tagged himself in and went right at it with Harper. Rollins came back as The Shield isolated Harper in their corner, working over him. Harper turned the tables with a suplex for a near count, and tagged in Bray Wyatt!

Wyatt worked on Rollins and tagged in Rowan, as The Wyatts isolated Rollins. Ambrose came in and took out Luke Harper! The Wyatts and The Shield came head to head as WWE went into commercial.

Back from commercial, and Harper was in control of Ambrose. Amrbose tried to make a comeback but Harper swatted him down for a nearfall! Wyatt came in and kicked Ambrose right in the head! Wyatt maintained the pressure over Dean and tagged in Harper, who worked over Dean and tagged in Rowan. Rowan tagged in Harper, but Ambrose sidestepped both Rowan and Harper and threw them outside the ring. Rollins tagged himself in and took both men out with a huge top rope plancha! Rollins regained control of the match by isolating Harper, but Wyatt distracted Rollins, allowing Harper to throw Rollins out of the ring!

Harper took Rollins out with a huge suicide dive! Back in the ring, he tagged in Wyatt who worked over Rollins. Harper came back in and decked Rollins with a superkick, but Ambrose broke the pin attempt, and took out Rowan. Rowan and Wyatt attacked Ambrose and threw him over the announcer’s table. Back in the ring, Harper tried to go for the superplex, but Rollins threw him down with headbutts and connected with a clothesline from the top rope and tagged in Reigns!

Reigns decked Harper and Wyatt, and took out all the members of the Wyatt Family! Reigns went for the Superman punch, but Rowan came inside the ring, and Ambrose and Rollins took care of Rowan and Harper, and delivered a double suicide dive to send them over the announcer’s table! Back in the ring, Reigns decked Wyatt with a Superman punch, and just as The Shield were going for the triple powerbomb on Wyatt, Evolution came out! Ambrose and Rollins hit a double suicide dive to take out Evolution and Harper and Rowan, as Reigns hit a Superman punch on Triple H! Wyatt took advantage of the distraction and hit a crossbody and Sister Abigail on Reigns to pick up the victory!

Winner (s): The Wyatt Family

Rating: *** ½

Post match, Evolution attacked the members of The Shield, as Orton and Triple H beat down Rollins and Reigns while Batista took care of Ambrose. Orton and Batista laid out Ambrose and Rollins, but Reigns tried to make a comeback! Orton hit the RKO on Reigns and Triple H connected with the pedigree on Reigns. Evolution finished Reigns off with a triple powerbomb, standing tall over the fallen members of The Shield to end the episode!

Over – all rating of the show: ** ½ (Out of 5 stars)

Although there were a couple of good bouts on the show, it fell flat on many occasions. I wish WWE goes back to two hours, as three hours seem a bit too much. Albany crowd wasn’t electric either, which made the show dull. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Evolution – Shield saga, as Triple H’s men finally got the upper hand. Also, Bryan and Kane are far from finishing their feud, which will make the shows leading to the next PPV very interesting. That does it for this week’s review, and we’ll see you once again in a week’s time.

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