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WWE Raw Results 11th June 2018, latest Monday Night Raw winners, video highlights

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The 8 competitors in a segment reminiscent to 2016

WWE RAW kicked off with the participants for the Money in the Bank Ladder matches in the ring and on top of the ladders placed inside. Baron Corbin was bald, Alexa Bliss' arm was visibly hurting.

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Kurt Angle asked Natalya if she's ready for the MITB ladder match and she responded with a pretty generic promo, stating she'll cash in against Ronda when she inevitably beats Nia. Owens and Roode had a really fun interaction. Bliss and Strowman have an adorable glance at one another. Banks tries to do the same thing with Balor which didn't land.

Everybody talked over one another until Strowman just yelled over them all and said they're going to get these hands.

#1 Alexa Bliss vs. Ember Moon vs. Sasha Banks vs. Natalya - Fatal 4-Way Match

A Fatal-4-way match got things started on RAW

Bliss attempted to use her 'injury' out of a tricky situation early on, but all three women weren't having it. Nattie sent her into the barricade for her troubles. The three babyfaces got in the ring to square off.

Moon got hip tossed by Nattie but landed on her feet, bounced off the ropes and executed a nice dropkick. Plenty of reversals from all three women until Natalya nailed a superkick to take Moon out of the equation for now. Just Nattie and Banks were in the ring.

Moon hit a huge suicide dive on Banks into the barricade and Alexa tried to take advantage of a downed Banks but only got a near fall as we headed for commercials. We returned to see all four women were down. Alexa took Nattie by the knee where she suffered a previous injury. Natalya rolled up Alex in a pin put it was only a two count.


Sasha returned to the ring and took down Alexa with a clothesline and then double knees in the corner. Moon returned and took on Sasha and hit her with a big suplex. Alexa broke the following pin and Moon focused on Bliss. Sasha hit the Meteora on Alexa but the pin was broken yet again. Alexa was on the top rope and went for a splash on Sasha who got her knees up in time as we headed for yet another commercial break.

Sasha hit Alexa with a backstabber and then the Banks Statement but Natalya broke it up before Alexa could tap out. Natalya caught Sasha in the Sharpshooter and Moon now kicked Natalya in the back of the neck to break the hold. Ember Moon hit the Eclipse but Alexa distracted Moon before she could make the pin. Alexa took her down and went for the pin on Natalya herself but Sasha broke it off.

Alexa got rid of Sasha and Natalya caught her from behind in a Sharpshooter making Bliss tap out.

Result: Natalya def. Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon 

Backstage, Kevin Owens approached Finn Balor asking him to team up with him against Braun Strowman since, as he put it, men should fight monsters together. Balor, however, didn't answer Owen's request and we cut for ads.

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