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WWE RAW Results 20th March 2017, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights

Stephanie decided to fire a WWE legend, Roman Reigns and Undertaker's feud heats up and more.

21 Mar 2017, 09:00 IST
Undertaker made a surprise appearance during the main-event

Raw took place in Brooklyn, NY this week and with just 2 weeks to go till WrestleMania 33, the show heated up early. However, did RAW actualy live up to the hype as we edge closer to ‘Mania? Read on to find out.


Mick Foley addresses the WWE Universe

RAW kicks off with GM Mick Foley. Foley came out with what looked like a statement of resignation as he thanked Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for the “opportunity of a lifetime”. Foley added that with less than two weeks to go for WrestleMania, he wanted people to talk about ‘Mania and not about the situation between him and Stephanie.

Foley then finished his statement by saying that he was taking a leave of absence. Foley then tore his index cards and said that Triple H had handed him the index cards moments before he came out. As Foley’s mic got cut, Stephanie McMahon made her way down to the ring.

Stephanie said that the reason that he’d been given index cards was because he screwed everything up, even a simple resignation. Stephanie then fired Mick Foley from his position as RAW GM.

Sami Zayn’s music hit and he came out and told Stephanie that what she was doing to Mick Foley was wrong. Sami then added that Foley had shown more integrity in his 9 months as GM than she had in her entire life. Stephanie’s reply was that Sami wasn’t on the level to speak to Stephanie at all, nevermind in this fashion. Stephanie then told Sami to head to the back and think of how to make this up to her.

Sami’s reply was that he was about doing the right thing and not the smart thing. Samoa Joe’s music hit as Stephanie announced that Sami’s mouth had got him in trouble once again before announcing that Sami would be facing Joe next. As Joe came down to ringside, Sami blindsided him with a Tope Con Heilo as we cut to commercial.

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