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WWE Raw Results, 3rd October 2016, Full Show Match Updates and Video Highlights

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Your new Women’s Champion!

After last week’s dismal RAW that saw the ratings plummet to an all-time low due to the Presidential election debate, WWE had to put out a strong show for the WWE Universe. With a huge Women’s Championship main event between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, a Cruiserweight match with major implications and some worthy segments to look forward to, WWE RAW was billed to be a solid show. And yes, it did deliver the goods!

So let’s delve into the results of RAW for 3rd October 2016 Note: 

Opening Segment

WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns opens this week’s RAW from Los Angeles and unsurprisingly, gets mixed reactions. It’s painfully obvious now that Reigns is officially John Cena 2.0, but the promising sign is that the boos weren’t as prominent as earlier. Vince McMahon's dream coming to fruition? We’ll have to wait and watch.

Roman takes to the mic and begins his promo talking about how he's the first person in his bloodline to win the US Championships and that's because he's "The Guy". 

Lana's music hits and she makes her way out to "negotiate: with Roman. She tells Roman that Rusev is challenging him for another shot at the US Championship. Lana berates Roman for disrespecting her husband and tells Roman to wipe the smile off his face and calls him a stupid boy which gets a huge pop.

He tells Lana to go to the back and to give him his manhood back. An enraged Rusev makes his way out and Roman and Rusev brawl in the aisle. Reigns ends the segment in predictable fashion as he stood tall over Rusev’s lifeless body.

Backstage segment Sasha Banks and Bayley

Perennial rivals Bayley and Sasha are seen backstage while the Boss prepares for her Championship main event. Bayley congratulates Sasha on being in the main event of RAW that is reminiscent of the Trish Stratus-Lita glory days.

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