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WWE RAW Results January 21st 2019, latest Monday Night Raw winners, video highlights

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Monday Night RAW kicked off with a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and Brock Lesnar showed up right after. Paul Heyman put over Finn Balor. Any time his name was mentioned, the crowd went wild.

He talked about how Balor seized the moment, so much so that John Cena, "the second greatest of all time" endorsed him. Heyman seemed happier that Balor was Lesnar's opponent rather than the "controversial" Braun Strowman.

Not long into the rant, Vince McMahon interfered. Vince still didn't seem to believe in Balor. He compared the situation to David & Goliath. McMahon told the crowd that if they actually believed that Finn Balor could beat Lesnar, then they probably believed in fairytales too.

Braun Strowman interfered and said last week was the worst night of his life and that it was the best of Lesnar's - because he got away from the beating he would have gotten. He vowed to rip Lesnar apart if he was still champion after Royal Rumble.

Balor reminded McMahon that he pinned three other superstars to earn the opportunity. He told Vince that he knew he doesn't believe he'll beat Brock Lesnar, and McMahon said he doesn't believe in fairytales. Braun Strowman said that he didn't know if Balor can beat Lesnar, but he damn well better. Balor told Strowman to keep his nose out of his business and Lesnar was about to walk away but McMahon told Lesnar to take a ringside seat for a real David vs Goliath match.

Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman

The Demon fears no Beast
The Demon fears no Beast

Finn Balor dropkicked Strowman and stopped him in his tracks. Balor slapped Strowman and told him to focus on him. Strowman started bulldozing through Balor until he was caught in a surprise sling blade. Balor had Strowman in a sleeper hold and it's broken apart but Balor drove the monster down with elbows to the head and a stomp to the chest. He climbed up to the drop zone but Strowman caught him and threw him on Lesnar. Lesnar caught him and took him to suplex city.

Lesnar was taken down by Balor as he got ready to confront Strowman. Balor hit a suicide dive onto Lesnar and lured Braun Strowman in and took him down before once again dropkicking Lesnar into the barricade. He forgot about Strowman, who pulled him into the ring. He evaded Braun's charge and sent him into the ring post. He hit a Coupe de Grace before Lesnar came in and hit the F-5 on Balor.


Result: Finn Balor def. Strowman by DQ

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