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WWE RAW Results October 2nd 2017, Latest RAW winners and video highlights

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WWE stood with Las Vegas

The show started with the entire roster out on the ramp, having a moment of silence with the audience for the victims of the Las Vegas tragedy.

After this, a recap of The Miztourage's attack on Roman Reigns last week played.

Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman

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Seth Rollins learnt fast what The Monster Among Men brought to the table

Seth Rollins started off aggressively with kicks but it only took one run through for Strowman to knock The Architect down. He lifted Seth up to his shoulders but he escaped and slapped him. An angry Braun started chasing him outside but Rollins jumped back and forth and attacked Braun once again. Strowman just lifted him up and threw him in the air and he fell face flat!

Strowman took further control as he threw Rollins into the turnbuckle. Rollins stunned Strowman for a second when he shoved his face into the ropes. He attempted a top-rope jump but Braun man-handled(or Monsterhandled) The Kingslayer and flung him down.

Rolins once again stunned Strowman and tricked him into falling over the top ropes. He tried to keep the momentum alive but Strowman once again ran into him and laid him out.

After the commercial break, Rollins raised his foot to prevent Strowman running into him. He tried a mid-turnbuckle jump but got caught and flung outside by The Monster Among Men. Outside the ring, Strowman threw him into the ring post and when he tried to slam him into another ring post, Rollins slipped back and pushed Strowman into the ring post. He followed this up with two suicide dives onto Strowman.

He put him back in the ring and hit two shots from the top rope. He hit a top turnbuckle blockbuster onto Strowman and just got a one count! He hit two consecutive Superkicks and when he tried the Kingslayer, he got ploughed with a clothesline. He hit the running powerslam and pinned him clean.


Braun Strowman defeated Seth Rollins

After the match, he hit another running powerslam and exited the ring. He looked back and indicated that he wasn't done with Rollins, but Dean Ambrose came out. Strowman began attacking him but Ambrose caught him, stunning him in the ring. He began his attack on Strowman, but just like his tag team partner learned, not much offence worked on The Monster Among Men. He power slammed him twice and walked away.

Cesaro and Sheamus entered as he walked away. Cesaro hit a neutralizer on Dean Ambrose and Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Seth Rollins. They posed.

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