RAW Results: Incredible finish to main event; New Champions crowned

It was an eventful night on RAW ahead of Extreme
It was an eventful night on RAW ahead of Extreme Rules

The New Day kicked off the RAW before Extreme Rules with Big E, the new WWE Champion. The crowd chanted, 'You deserve it,' and Big E thanked them before calling out The Usos and Roman Reigns to handle 'business'.

Roman and his cousins joined them in the ring with Paul Heyman, and we headed for the tag team match shortly after.

The Bloodline (Roman Reigns & The Usos) vs. The New Day on RAW

Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston kicked off the match, and Kofi hit an early dropkick before getting a near fall. He hit a splash on the ropes before tagging in Woods, who tagged in Big E for a double team in the corner.

Jey got the tag, and Woods and Kofi hit him with a double-team move before getting another near fall. Roman managed to send Kingston outside and over the announcer's table before we headed for a break on RAW.

Kofi was being brutalized at ringside by Reigns during the break before we returned to the ring. Kingston tossed Jey out of the ring before he tagged in Big E and Roman came in as well.

Big E hit a belly-to-belly suplex before wiping out The Usos from the apron. Roman hit a big slam and got a near fall before Woods tagged in. Xavier got a near fall on Roman when Bobby Lashley ran in and attacked everyone at ringside.

Lashley hit a Spear to Big E and took out The Usos and Kofi before Woods realized what was happening. Reigns took advantage of the distraction and picked up the win with a spear.

Result: The Bloodline def. The New Day

After the match, Lashley ran into the ring and hit a Spear on Roman before stepping out and Spearing Big E through the barricades.

Grade: B

1 / 9 NEXT
Edited by Alan John
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