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WWE/NXT Rumours: WWE recruiting fresh blood for their NXT brand

727   //    11 Jun 2016, 17:02 IST
Triple H may have something up his sleeve for NXT

According to the Wrestling Observer, the WWE has gone on a mass recruitment drive and are tapping up talented wrestlers for their NXT brand, with the new recruits given strict instructions to keep their newfound job under wraps for now, reports

The supposed recruitment drive falls perfectly in line with WWE’s decision to reimplement the brand split plan that was done away with earlier. Now that the WWE’s brands are splitting once again, the franchise is going to need all the wrestlers they can get in order to maintain the balance between their brands, and could tap into the developmental’s talent pool.

This could in turn see plenty of NXT stars receiving call-ups to the main roster.

Since a good number of NXT stars will undoubtedly receive call-ups, replacements will be needed, making it the perfect time to recruit new stars that show as much promise as the current crop.

This could be NXT’s biggest move since the brands inception back in back in 2012, and could very well be it’s most important. 

If the recruitment drive turns out to be true, then it could definitely be a sign of exciting things to come. 

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