"I just heard the screaming" - WWE Referee Jimmy Korderas opens up on Owen Hart's deadly fall

Owen Hart
Owen Hart
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Veteran WWE referee Jimmy Korderas has opened up on his experience of the night Owen Hart was tragically killed.

In an interview with Michael Morales of Lucha Libre Online, the former WWE official detailed the events of the night, recalling how he was almost struck by Owen Hart mid-fall. Korderas would describe Hart's fall as "the most difficult moment" of his WWE career.

Here's what Jimmy Korderas had to say about the untimely death of Owen Hart:

“When you talk about my most difficult moment in my WWE career, that would have to be it. Right before that match was supposed to take place there was a Hardcore Match. So, there was a lot of debris and we were trying to clean that out before the match. They were playing on the video screen, a pre-recorded backstage interview with The Blue Blazer, Owen. While that was going on, we heard a commotion. Some noise. It was likely Owen screaming. Like you said (possibly shouting at Jimmy to move so he could save his life). I can’t confirm that, because I just heard the screaming. As I was holding the top rope, I felt something brushing by me." - Lucha Libre Online

Jimmy Korderas was almost hit by Owen Hart's tragic fall

Jimmy Korderas was lucky he was not seriously injured the night of Owen Hart's fall, considering he was clipped by Owen Hart shortly before his body landed in the ring. Korderas says he didn't know what the feeling or the sound was at the time until he saw Hart lying motionless in front of him.

“Not really hit me. But brushed by me. So I kinda ducked, not knowing what it was. When I turned around, he was there, lying on his back on the corner of the ring. I called him a few times and got no response. That’s where I panicked and started screaming for help from anybody. Everybody came out. The paramedics came out. I just stood back. Just devastating. I didn’t knew what was going on. I didn’t find out all the details until afterwards."

Owen Hart's death remains one of the most heartbreaking days in the history of professional wrestling.

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