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WWE Releases: 5 Superstars who could be on their way out

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From Left to Right: Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger, Hideo Itami, and TJ Perkins
From Left to Right: Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger, Hideo Itami, and TJ Perkins

Usually just around Wrestlemania season, WWE will undergo something of a talent purge. Some wrestling critics and online wits will refer to this process as "Spring Cleaning," and it has become a matter of course for wrestling fans to speculate about who will be leaving, why they are leaving, and what their future plans will be.

The creation of All Elite Wrestling, however, threw something of a monkey wrench into these works. Ever since 2001, WWE has been without serious competition in the North American pro wrestling marketplace. Organizations like TNA/Impact, Lucha Underground, and Ring of Honor have had many successes, but have yet to come close to the market footprint that WWE enjoys.

What this means, among other factors, is that WWE has been able to blithely release talent without having to worry if they are giving competition a viable star.

All Elite Wrestling's advent means that this is no longer the case. Releasing a wrestler could mean that that very same talent will be appearing on a different channel at the same time as WWE product. This means that the WWE must now be very, very selective of whom they release.

The three superstars and one backstage producer that have been released have already been covered in great detail, but what about those wrestlers who could be next on the chopping block? Here are five wrestlers who could soon face an exit from WWE... whether they like it or not!

#5 Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley
Mojo Rawley

If there's one thing we've learned about WWE CEO Vince McMahon over the many decades of his career in wrestling promotion, it's that he loves professional football with a great passion. It was this passion that led him to try his hand at his own professional American football league with the XFL once before, and now is causing him to give the project a go once again.

Vince McMahon's love of pro football could also be what has made him take chances on former football players who have ultimately failed in spite of a great deal of effort on the part of the company.

Heidenreich was once pushed to the moon, even joining the legendary Road Warriors, before WWE finally gave up on him. Likewise Baron Corbin was once thought to be the next big thing in WWE, but wound up floundering to the point of being put in a largely non-wrestling role.


Add to the list of former football players who have floundered one Mojo Rawley. He was pushed quite hard upon his rise to the main roster, and won the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal, but otherwise has accomplished nothing of note.

Why he might be released soon: Mojo Rawley isn't a great wrestler, and he hasn't gotten over with the crowd as WWE would have liked. Also, he is not a major established star (see below.)

What he might do if his release comes: Mojo Rawley, unlike men like Tye Dillinger, probably has little prospect of being hired by promotions like All Elite Wrestling or Ring of Honor. His best bet might be to head back to the indies for some polishing, like Drew McInytre did.

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