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WWE News: The reason WWE released Tom Casiello

WWE has cut ties with creative team member Tom Casiello, a major force behind the push of the Divas Revolution on WWE programming.

Tom Casiello was a driving force behind WWE’s “Diva’s Revolution” movement

WWE has cut ties with creative team member Tom Casiello. Casiello was a major force behind the push of the “Diva’s Revolution” on WWE programming, among other things on weekly television.

A report from ringsidenews.com states that Casiello was well liked within the company, especially with the female talents. The report goes to on to note that he was the person responsible for the women getting more television time, and also helped them with anything related to Total Divas. 

The same report states that the idea to have Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte main event the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event was his idea. Reportedly, Casiello’s position itself is being eliminated, and no one will take over his position.

Concerning his departure, the report claims that Casiello was let go because of “budgetary” reasons. The news of WWE making budget cuts is a major cause of concern amongst other staff members within the company. It has caused somewhat of a shakeup, as some are in fear of losing their jobs. 

The concern is that if Casiello lost his job despite being so well liked, the same could happen to lesser is known or liked members of staff. It will not be a surprise if more cuts within WWE are made next week.

What will become of the Diva’s Revolution now that its main supporter is gone from the company? 

Many fans are now concerned that with Casiello gone, the women’s division will once again fall to the wayside. One could safely assume that members of the Women’s Division would also be concerned. However since Triple H, Vince and Stephanie McMahon all seem to support the Diva’s Revolution, the fan’s and wrestler’s concerns may all be for nought.

Here is a video of Casiello’s brainchild, the Hell in a Cell match for the Raw Women’s Championship:

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