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WWE: Resurgence of old school managers

25 May 2013, 12:46 IST

In the world of professional wrestling, everything isn’t just about the performers. Sometimes, the most important part is played by the people involved with the performer. When you introduce a character like The Undertaker, you need to have someone who completes the character, someone who completes the picture, who acts like the final piece of the puzzle. That piece of the puzzle was none other than the manager of The Undertaker, Paul Bearer. Without Paul Bearer, the character of Kane wouldn’t have been as effective, and the same goes with many others such as Kamala, Mr. Wonderful and the likes.

This proves that the managerial aspect is one of the most crucial roles in professional wrestling. Managers are used when a performer is considered to be ‘green’ on the mic, someone who needs a mouth piece to do the talking, while he takes care of business. Even though sometimes the performer doesn’t really need a manager, having a manager is always an advantage.

In the current scheme of things in the WWE, the importance of a manager is clear. In the past year, there has been a resurgence of managers in the WWE, starting from Paul Heyman to Dutch Mantell, known to us as Zeb Colter. Both are veterans in the business, and have been managers for a long time. In this article, I take a look at few other such people who the wrestling industry direly needs, not only because of their experience and their brains, but because of the impact they’ve previously made as managers in professional wrestling.

Jim Cornette

Here’s someone the whole internet wrestling community loves and adores. Cornette has always been frank, and he has never been the one to shy away from expressing his opinions. Cornette has managed a lot of superstars in many organizations such as the WCW and the WWF. Jim Cornette is also tipped to have the best wrestling mind in the history of professional wrestling, and that has always helped the organization in coming up with better storylines and angles.

Cornette managed superstars such as Yokozuna and Vader in the WWF, and was responsible for them being the top heels in the organization. In the current scheme of things, Cornette would be a perfect manager for someone like Antonio Cesaro, who is an old school wrestler.

Bobby Heenan

This would be a fan’s dream, to see Bobby Heenan managing a wrestler once again. Although sadly that can never happen again, Heenan will always be remembered as one of the greatest talkers, managers and commentators in the history of professional wrestling. With the wits and the timing of a comic genius, Heenan also managed some of the most legendary names in the history of the industry.


At a point, it was famously said that Heenan would make about 10 appearances in one night, managing 10 different people! When Heenan retired, the world of professional wrestling lost its crown jewel, and all the Humanoids still wish they could hear ‘The Brain’ manage superstars, or show his wits on the commentary like only he can.

Jimmy Hart

‘The mouth of the South’ Jimmy Hart was responsible for the beginning of one of the greatest factions in the history of professional wrestling, the Hart Foundation. Jimmy managed many professional wrestlers during his tenure as a manager, and he was instrumental in making them some of the top heels in the organization. With the appearance of a crook and the act of a weasel, Jimmy was one manager the crowd loved to hate.

Although he isn’t a regular on the wrestling circuit any more, he still has so much to offer for the youngsters. It’ll be great to see Jimmy and his microphone on TV for one last run.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Although Jake Roberts hasn’t managed anyone in the WWF/E, he arguably has the best mind in professional wrestling. Jake took the industry to new heights with his dark character and a twisted aura, which arguably led to the invention of the character of The Undertaker. Although Jake Roberts is considered a wasted talent, if he sobers up and returns for one last stint as a manager in the WWE, he would be a perfect fit to manage an upcoming heel.

It’s safe to say that the professional wrestling world hasn’t seen the last of Jake ‘The Snake’, and it would be a pleasure to see him back in the WWE, where he truly belongs.

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