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WWE Roadblock 2016: Sheamus & Cesaro defeat The New Day to become Raw Tag Team Champions

After 483 days, we have new Tag Team Champions on RAW


The historic 483-day title reign of The New Day has come to an end at the hands of Sheamus & Cesaro at Roadblock 2016: End of the Line. The finish of the match saw an unlikely false tag that saw Cesaro take an “SOS” from Kofi Kingston, allowing Sheamus to roll-up Kofi and successfully pin him.

After the match, Cesaro hugged the distraught former champions while Sheamus snatched the Tag Team Championships away from The New Day. The duo then went on to celebrate their victory.

The match was an extremely entertaining bout, with multiple false finishes. Big E hit the big ending on Cesaro but he kicked out. Cesaro also hit the Neutralizer on Kofi, who was saved by Big E at the knick of time.

The monumental win has made Cesaro & Sheamus the leaders of the tag team division. Sheamus becomes the sixth person to win the WWE Championship, Money In The Bank, Royal Rumble, United States Championship, and Tag Team Championship. 

The unorthodox team will be on Raw Talk – the after-show of Roadblock: End Of The Line. It was expected by many that the titles would change hands after The New Day broke the record this past week on RAW. There were criticisms of The New Day’s title reign getting stale, so a title change was surely the best booking decision.

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