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WWE Roadblock Results 18th December 2016, Full Show Match Updates and Video Highlights

A spectacular end to 2016 for WWE.

Another PPV, another incredible performance from Charlotte and Sasha Banks

WWE’s last PPV of the year, Roadblock: End of the Line, comes to us from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. The card was headlined by the dual championship matches between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

The card also featured Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho and matches for the WWE Cruiserweight and WWE Tag-Team Championships. We also finally got the much-awaited rematch between Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman.

Without further ado, let’s get to the results.

Rusev vs Big Cass (Pre-show)

This match was largely disappointing with Big Cass’ move-set largely consisting of kicks. Rusev was portrayed as the stereotypical foreign coward and the match ended with Big Cass losing by count-out. What a terrible way to start the card, even though it was a pre-show match.

Result: Rusev def. Big Cass by Countout

The New Day (C) vs Cesaro and Sheamus (for the WWE Raw Tag-Team Championships)

Cesaro and Sheamus finally beat the New Day

The record-setting champions came out first and cut a promo on their opponents of the night, Cesaro and Sheamus. They were followed out by their unimpressed opponents.

Cesaro and Kofi started us off with Cesaro landing an instant dropkick. He didn’t give Kofi a second to have a breather and tagged in Sheamus who hit a snap vertical suplex before rotating tag with Cesaro again as the pair continued to rotate tags till Kofi had Sheamus on the apron and made the tag to Big E.

Big E came in and immediately hit his mid-rope spear as both men crashed to the mat outside before Big E hit a modified powerbomb on Sheamus inside the ring, Big E then got Sheamus up and attempted a Big Ending before Sheamus powered out and tagged in Cesaro as they hit a modified double team DDT from the top rope.

Cesaro then went for the Swing and got hit by Sheamus by mistake as he went to hit Kofi Kingston. Sheamus then got driven out of the ring and Xavier Woods booted Cesaro in the face from behind the referee’s back. Big E then hit the Big Ending and went for the cover but Cesaro managed to kick out.

Cesaro then hit the Sharpshooter as Sheamus Brogue Kicked Big E on the outside. Xavier Woods had the referee distracted as Kofi started tapping. Cesaro then powered Kofi out of a roll up attempt and hit a Neutralized for the nearest of falls as Big E broke it up.

Kofi then came in and hit the SOS on Sheamus for the nearfall. He then went to tag in Cesaro who feinted, making the tag and ran into the ring and got hit by a trouble in paradise as Kofi went to tag him in. Sheamus then came in and rolled Kofi up for the pinfall as New Day’s record-setting title run finally came to an end.

Result: Cesaro and Sheamus def. The New Day

The New Day handed Cesaro and Sheamus the belts after the match. Sheamus grabbed both belts and posed on the turnbuckle as Cesaro celebrated with the fans.

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