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WWE/ROH News: WWE Legend possibly announces his retirement

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#ThankYouBully seems like an appropriate hashtag to use now

What's the story?

Bully Ray's body has been through a number of extreme battles in his life. At ROH's Death Before Dishonor, he suffered a pretty bad bump on the head with a table.

He's since spoken about how he's not doing too well and how the doctors have advised him to stay away from certain things that are quite common at wrestling events like loud noises. When Bully Ray showed up at ROH's Global Wars Buffalo things got real in the ring.

In case you didn't know...

The pro wrestling industry has been paying a lot of attention to head trauma recently, as they should. The recent concern in CTE has only shed more light on the issue.

As more is known about head injuries, the amount of punishment someone can take in the ring has been greatly diminished.

Bully Ray suffered a concussion during the spot at ROH Death Before Dishonor and since then fans have been wishing him a speedy recovery.

The heart of the matter

Bully Ray walked to the ring at Ring Of Honor's Global Wars Buffalo show on Thursday night and had something serious to talk about. He discussed his injury at Death Before Dishonor and said he didn't know what the future holds but he hasn't been feeling good.

The entire time this crowd showed Bully Ray with praise with "ECW" and "We love Bully." It was a wild and respectful moment as the former Dudley Boy alluded to the fact fans might have seen Bully Ray wrestle his last match.

Bully Ray thanked the crowd and choked up too while addressing the fans. He said he's been at a loss for words which is a very rare thing for Bully because he usually knows exactly what to say on Busted Open Radio.

The ECW Legend spoke about how important Buffalo is and he thanked the fans in attendance for everything they've meant to him through the years.


He said ROH is doing what ECW did twenty years ago and then he got down on his knees in the middle of the ring and thanked the Buffalo crowd once more. It was a real show of emotion from both Bully Ray and this intense crowd.

What's next?

It would be nice if this was all an angle and Bully Ray is just working everyone for an eventual match against the Briscoes.

But who knows at this point? If this is the end for Bully Ray he should know he's not only loved and respected but plenty of people are extremely grateful for every chance he took while performing in the ring.

Author's take

Bully Ray has always been one of my favourite people in wrestling. Not only is he a massive man, but he's also so entertaining in the ring.

Alongside D-Von Dudley those two were magic, and their last run with WWE wasn't a lost cause at all because they were able to work a new generation of WWE Superstars and everyone came out a winner, even though it would have been nice to see the Dudley Boyz do a little bit better.

Bully Ray's injury at Death Before Dishonor is especially significant to me because I was fortunate enough to see Bully Ray tag with Grado in a three-way tag match against The Mega Plowers and Colt Cabana and Swoggle at Remix Pro Wrestling's Throwdown For The Pound 16.

Bully Ray put Magnum CK of The Mega Plowers through a table at the show and you can check that video out below. It is a sad thought that the decorated Tag Team Champion might not have many more table spots let in his career if he has any.

Tweet speak

News of Bully Ray's possible retirement has broken out and went a little bit viral at this point. Plenty of people are thanking Bully Ray for his outstanding career that has entertained so many, including me.

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