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WWE/ROH News: ROH COO Joe Koff reveals whom he would like to see in the WWE Hall of Fame

Soumik Datta
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Joe Koff has named his WWE Hall of Fame picks
Joe Koff has named his WWE Hall of Fame picks

What’s the story?

Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff was recently in a conversation with Dave LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer for Busted Open Radio. During the interview, Koff claimed that Wahoo McDaniel and Jim Cornette are the two people whom he would like to see get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In case you didn’t know…

While playing for the New York Jets during the 60s’, current WWE Chairman Vince McMahon decided to bring in McDaniel to the World Wide Wrestling Federation for a run with the company. Following his arrival to the WWWF, McDaniel wrestled the likes of Boris Malenko, Cowboy Bill Watts, Dr. Jerry Graham, and Waldo Von Erich.

Throughout his wrestling career, McDaniel has won several championships including the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship on six different occasions. He was also a former IWA World Heavyweight Champion, and a two-time NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Jim Cornette, who arrived in the WWE in 1993, played several different roles during his time with the company as he served as a manager, color commentator, and as a member of the booking committee as well.

The heart of the matter

While speaking with Busted Open, Joe Koff stated that the two guys who he thinks deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame are Wahoo McDaniel and Jim Cornette.

On Wahoo McDaniel’s influence in Koff’s career:

Koff stated that Wahoo McDaniel played a huge role in his career and had a huge influence on the ROH COO’s career. Koff claimed that McDaniel is the sole reason for his success in the wrestling industry today and without him, Koff wouldn’t be able to reach such heights in the business today.

Furthermore, Koff also said that McDaniel was a tremendous talent back in the day and was absolutely amazing inside the squared circle. He was also well known for his time with the New York Jets and had the national spotlight on him, claimed Koff.

"Despite what you hear about Pro Wrestlers, most of them are genuinely good guys. They are really selfless and Wahoo was really that guy. He was a tremendous talent in an era that is just forgotten. I think the Hall of Fame now, and while I'm happy Bully Ray is being inducted, it's really more modern era. They really don't go back that far and don't go into those regions. Now, Wahoo was well known because he was a New York Jet, so he had that national spotlight. I watched him go with Flair 2 out of 3, and he wasn't that young of a man then, so I think he deserves it."

On why Jim Cornette needs to be in the WWE HOF:

Koff stated that without Jim Cornette, Ring of Honor wouldn’t be where it is today and claimed that Cornette was one of the founding pieces of the promotion when it was initiated in the first place and is a person whom Koff will forever be grateful to.

"Jim is a genius, and he should be recognized for his genius. If you're going to put people in that kind of acclaim, he should definitely be in there."

What’s next?

Joe Koff is currently helping ROH and all of its stars to reach the next level by lining up some of the greatest shows, pay-per-views, and events in the company’s history. Koff is also responsible and a key factor in ROH making so many young stars of today’s generation.

Author’s Take

Personally, I think Jim Cornette did have a huge influence on the entire Pro Wrestling world and certainly deserves a spot in the WWE HOF.

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