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WWE/ROH News: Tenille Dashwood talks about joining Ring of Honor and similarities between WWE and ROH

Soumik Datta
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Tenille Dashwood is currently a part of the WOH Division
Tenille Dashwood is currently a part of the WOH Division

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with CBS Local Sports, former WWE Superstar Tenille Dashwood FKA Emma opened up about why she decided to sign for Ring of Honor Wrestling. She also gave a brief insight regarding the differences between ROH and WWE.

In case you didn’t know

After being released from her WWE contract in October of 2017, Tenille Dashwood made her debut for top American promotion Ring of Honor in 2018 at Honor Reigns Supreme and eventually became a part of the Women of Honor division.

The heart of the matter

While interacting with CBS Local Sports, Tenille Dashwood noted that former WWE Superstars Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi, initially played a huge role in Dashwood getting into contact with Ring of Honor in the first place.

Apparently, there were also a number of people who had helped the former WWE Superstar in reaching out to ROH. (H/T: EWrestling News)

“It was a bit of everything. I think there was a number of people that I had worked with in the past that had reached out to them, saying Tenille’s available now. And then vice versa, I’m using a booking agent, and I think they reached out to him and they spoke as well.”- Dashwood noted.

Furthermore, Emma also claimed that during her time with the WWE, she had the opportunity of playing a big part in the Women’s Revolution in WWE when the female Superstars of the company had the chance of showcasing their talent during bigger matches and much more.

Dashwood also stated that a similar thing is currently happening in ROH as well, and the Aussie Superstar now once again has the chance elevating women’s wrestling via Ring of Honor.

“I was with WWE for about six years, and NXT was a big part of that. … When wrestling started being showcased as main events on the NXT Arrival, women from then on started to have bigger matches, more opportunities, and were showcased in main events and started to get chances they hadn’t had before. It feels like a similar thing is happening now [in Ring of Honor], and it’s a chance for me to be a part of that again, and to elevate the women and to showcase that to the world.”

What’s next?

Sources have suggested that Dashwood has recently penned down a one-year contract with Ring of Honor.


The 29-year-old will now look to get her hands on the Women of Honor Championship sometime in the near future as well.

Author’s Take

Personally, I’m really excited to follow Tenille Dashwood’s journey in Ring of Honor and I hope that the promotion decides to push her as one of the top female Superstars in the company today.

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