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Reports: Roman Reigns and Triple H frowned upon backstage for disrespecting NXT

What did Triple H and Roman Reigns do to draw the said heat backstage?

News 12 Jan 2016, 19:57 IST
Breaking Kayfabe

– Roman Reigns has been involved in a storyline with Triple H since his loss at the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV.

Reigns burst out and badly injured Triple H in kayfabe with multiple chair shots and later putting him through a table. The kayfabe injury had to sideline Triple H off WWE TV for some time.

There has been news reported by the Wrestling Observer, that sources backstage might be upset because of Reigns and Triple H disrespecting NXT. NXT has been a huge brand completing a recent show in London. 

Triple H was present for the show and did not acknowledge his injury which he ‘sustained’ in a kayfabe manner. He was also seen putting up a video on twitter while working out. Some are of the belief that this has really killed kayfabe.

Even though NXT is a separate entity run by Triple H, there should have been a certain continuity,

Roman Reigns was also frowned upon as he said on Smackdown that Triple H was nowhere to be seen when he clearly appeared on NXT and at the Takeover London. There has been a section of fans unhappy with this, who believe that they have disrespected NXT by totally ignoring it.

The promos and social media posts should have been controlled to maintain the kayfabe in the storyline.

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