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Roman Reigns discusses Royal Rumble, Injuries and praises Vince McMahon

Omkar Sohoni
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All praises for Vince

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns faces a unique and uphill task this Sunday at Royal Rumble.

As per Vince McMahon’s orders, Roman is set to defend his Championship against 29 other superstars in the Royal Rumble match. It looks highly unlikely that Roman would come out as the winner with competitors like Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt confirming their participation.

Reigns spoke with Scott Fishman of the Channel Guide Magzine while promoting Royal Rumble. 

On Vince McMahon

Roman Reigns has been involved in an on-air storyline with Vince McMahon and had nothing but praise for the WWE boss.

Roman said that he does not believe that Vince looks 70 years old because of the shape he is in. He added that Vince has the most amount of things on his shoulders and called him incredible. He stated that Vince has an incredible work ethic and a tremendous drive.

He said that McMahon is the WWE Champion every day due to the work that he puts in. "I think it’s more like 40 by the way he looks. The shape that he is in. It’ s been incredible to be out there with him and build crowds with him and to share the ring with him,” Reigns said.

On numerous injuries

Roman Reigns acknowledged the fact that the roster has been suffering from a lot of injuries. He said that when a person gets injured, it creates opportunities for other people to thrive.

He also said that there have been a lot of people helping him backstage that people have not even heard of. He added that injuries are a part and parcel of the game and that when a star returns from injuries, he looks refreshed.

He stated that they work such tight schedules that unfortunately, injuries are the only time when they get a break to recharge their batteries.

On Royal Rumble

Reigns said that the one thing he has had the most experience in has been the Royal Rumble. He added that he has won the Royal Rumble last year and was the runner-up the year before that and also holds the record for the maximum number of eliminations in a single Royal Rumble Match.

Reigns said that it is impossible to guess who would be in the Royal Rumble. He said that Royal Rumble is where one has great debuts, comebacks and surprises. He concluded by saying he is ready for the Rumble and that anything could happen.

For the entire interview, Click Here.

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