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Roman Reigns Suspension: Master plan or Bad luck?

12.59K   //    22 Jun 2016, 11:15 IST
Roman’s bad run with fortune continues

Ever since the news of Roman’s suspension broke, the internet has been buzzing. Talks have broken among wrestling circles on the authenticity of this, as many considered even prior to this news that Battleground is way too small for a Shield Triple Threat to happen. Did WWE take us for a ride and dropped us headfirst? 

This is not the first time Shane has botched something on mic. Maybe, the plan was to make the Shield Triple Threat on SummerSlam, but Shane botched it and WWE is taking drastic measures to salvage the debacle. In that case, is Roman taking the fall for the company? 

Now that Shield Triple Threat is virtually impossible, what will be the state of Dean and Rollins? Will they go head to head at Battleground or will WWE keep them apart until a Shield Triple Threat can be made possible?

What if Roman had really been suspended for violating the wellness policy? Will the fans ever forgive him for getting suspended at an awful timing?

There are lots of questions buzzing in everyone’s mind. Let’s analyze a few of them in this article.

Why the suspension stands out?

My reaction, when I heard that Shield Triple Threat is in jeopardy 

My first reaction when I heard the news of Roman’s Suspension was something so profane that i can’t put it down here. Nevertheless, I can say it was a huge disappointment to me as a fan as I have been waiting for it to happen for a long time and just when the cusp is cleared and when we are finally getting to the part that really matters, it has been made virtually impossible.

But later, as I sat down to process the information the above questions popped up. The first and foremost doubt that came to my mind was about the authenticity of the news. We all know that the WWE is a showman at heart. They create drama and they entertain people in the grandest way possible. WrestleMania is a living proof of it. So, the Shield Triple Threat was obviously something that is way too big to occur at Battleground.

But, it had been announced at Raw by Shane McMahon and Roman and Seth did deliver a top notch match at Raw. Less than 24 hours after the news was announced, Roman gets suspended. That, according to me, is way too convenient. This just gives WWE the very probable cause to wiggle out of the promise they made to the fans.

It is a common knowledge that Shane is not that comfortable on mic as Vince and Stephanie are. And Stephanie was not at Raw to bail out Shane if he indeed did a mistake of announcing it for Battleground instead of SummerSlam.  

WWE could have kept the contract signing for the Triple Threat at Battleground and we wouldn’t have been bothered about it at all. True, there may be some grumblings that it is not happening soon. And a few of us would have argued about whether it was the right move to keep a contract signing at a PPV. But, we would have been happy to hear them finally fight. 

This wouldn’t be the first time WWE actually built a match for two months either. Rock vs Cena was built for a year and this match has as much potential as that match, in my opinion. This match would have been even better considering Seth’s in-ring abilities, Roman’s power packed move-sets and Ambrose’s crazy style. This would have been a match that would have blended three different styles of wrestling and we wouldn’t have complained about it.

So, the news that the Shield Triple Threat would happen at Battleground was really odd even before Roman’s suspension was announced. Is WWE giving that little importance to a Shield Triple Threat – No Way!

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