Roman Reigns' road to redemption is a massive mistake for WWE

Roman Reigns is on the way back, and WWE is rolling out a massively bad angle for him
Tom Clark

Roman Reigns: The Road to Redemption. Never before has a title instantly evoked so much controversy, anger, and in many cases, utter disappointment. This is not a fantasy, and it’s not just a rumor anymore. This is actually happening, and fans all over the world are surely asking why?

Why is WWE insisting on moving forward with this angle? What good could possibly come of this and what makes anyone inside that company believe it’s actually a good idea? As much as fans want to hate on each other, proclaiming that just regular people couldn’t book WWE, there is no hate being thrown around now.

Anyone with a modicum of common sense could see that this is not the way to go. Roman is not the beloved face of WWE that made an honest mistake. He’s also not a legend who has fallen on hard times, and deserves a second chance.

This is the guy that has consistently been booed out of nearly every arena he’s been booked in. It’s the same guy that can’t get over despite over a year’s worth of promotion, spotlight, and serious financial investment from a billion dollar company. He’s the one that has had multiple chances to impress in one promo after another, yet cannot do it.

Roman Reigns is not the man. He’s also not the guy. He’s a talent that just can’t do what WWE believes he can do. He’s not the right choice, and it’s quite possible he never has been. This is not to say he hasn’t tried. If anyone has ever put forth the effort to make it work, it’s him.

Roman should be over, but it’s not happening

But even combined with WWE’s Herculean efforts, it hasn’t been enough. Roman is not capable of becoming the top guy that the company so desperately wants him to be. It’s not happening. Yet WWE continues pressing forward, and this time, it’s beyond ridiculous.

This is not the time to celebrate Roman’s mistake. Yes he is only human, and yes, he is allowed to make errors in judgment. But when you’re at the top of the largest pro wrestling company on the planet, then it’s only logical that you would do everything in your power not to blow it. Roman failed at this, and now fans are expected to support him on his way back?

This is the same crowd that hated him before; what makes WWE believe the reaction will change now? If anything, the negative response will likely increase tenfold. He was hated, now he will be reviled. This is a man that has more heat on him than in anyone in recent memory, and now he will have so much, he could burst into flames.

How could anyone in his position not feel the immense pressure being applied here? Not only was he expected to perform on John Cena’s level and eventually replace him, now he’s expected to come back and do it again after screwing it all up in the first place. This did not work the first time, why would it work now?

When this much time, effort, and monetary investment has been made, a company should expect results. But instead, WWE is doing nothing but making more time, effort, and monetary investment. It’s like attempting to put out a raging fire with one glass of water at a time. No progress is being made, and no progress is possible.

Even the WWE Championship did not help Roman’s cause

The question of why is being asked so much here, and with good reason. None of this makes any sense. It’s not as if every fan holds true ill will personally toward Roman; many see the failed experiment for what it is, and can separate fact from fiction. But that does not change the fact that WWE insists on pursuing this. More specifically, it does not change the fact that Vince McMahon insists on pursuing this.

That’s what it all comes down to for many fans; Vince is the one behind it all. The genius that took pro wrestling from the old-fashioned territories and thrust it into the American mainstream, the same man that is credited for revitalizing the industry, honestly believes he’s onto something with Roman.

He’s not, and if it’s true that he is the driving force behind Reigns’ elevation, then someone, whether it’s Triple H or Stephanie McMahon, must interject some common sense. Of course, if both of them are on the same page as Vince, then there’s no chance of this stopping any time soon.

The arrogance being displayed here is beyond comprehension. The refusal to admit defeat and simply move on to the next idea is blatant, and it’s fascinating to watch. But it’s not fun, and it hasn’t been fun in a very long time.

Even the idea of Roman turning heel because of all this has lost its luster. It was a good idea six months ago. It was a good idea three months ago. It was a good idea three weeks ago. But now? Does it really even matter anymore?

The backlash being felt now is just the beginning; it’s likely only going to get worse. As long as WWE continues to spotlight, promote, elevate, and publicize, Reigns, fans are going to make their voices heard. It will not be over until WWE says it’s over, and it looks as though it may never be over; just like Roman Reigns.

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