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WWE roster want same freedom as NXT, Owens and Neville sign autographs

2.43K   //    16 Feb 2015, 21:27 IST
WWE roster envy NXT product

- The main roster WWE superstars are said to be frustrated by the amount of freedom the NXT talent have, to go out and have good matches that mean something, while they are forced to have short meaningless matches on RAW. This applies even more to the Divas matches which are presented in vastly different ways between the two products.

The Wrestling Observer reports that this has been a long running issue with WWE’s developmental territories over the years, but it’s more apparent with NXT.

- Meanwhile Kevin Owens and Adrian Neville signed autographs at the recent WWE house show in Tampa, Florida, showing that NXT is getting increasing levels of exposure on the WWE Network, to where most WWE fans know who the wrestlers are. 

With Triple H increasing the touring schedule, they’re quickly becoming a brand of their own, which has to add to the main roster frustration.

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