WWE Royal Rumble 2021: 5 Botches you probably missed

Modified 01 Feb 2021
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#4. Carmella overshoots herself out of the ring at The Royal Rumble

Carmella was handed another shot at the SmackDown Women's Championship at last night's Royal Rumble but once again came up short to The Boss.

Sasha Banks even had to contend with Reginald at ringside and was still able to come out on top after Carmella's associate was sent to the back following an altercation with The Boss.

It was whilst Banks' back was turned that Carmella decided to deliver a dive out of the ring to take Banks by surprise, but instead, it meant that her opponent was unable to catch her in time and she landed on her face.

It was reminiscent of the time that Lita delivered the same move to Trish Stratus and suffered a broken neck, but luckily Carmella was able to get straight-up following the move and continue the match.

The ending of the match at the Royal Rumble definitely wasn't what the Untouchable star had planned since Carmella was locked in The Bank Statement and forced to tap.

Published 01 Feb 2021
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