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WWE Royal Rumble: Buddy Murphy vs Kalisto vs Akira Tozawa vs Hideo Itami - Fatal-4-Way Cruiserweight Championship Match, winners, video highlights, and analysis

Greg Bush
897   //    28 Jan 2019, 05:43 IST

Will Hideo Itami finally earn respect and his first WWE title?
Will Hideo Itami finally earn respect and his first WWE title?

Since defeating the seemingly unbeatable Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship back at WWE Super Show-Down in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Budd Murphy has been unstoppable. The Juggernaut of 205 Live has beaten the best that the Purple Brand has had to offer, knocking off Cedric Alexander in a rematch, along with the new SmackDown Live Superstar Mustafa Ali.

Tonight, he faced his toughest challenge yet, as he defended the Cruiserweight Championship against three competitors; Kalisto, Akira Tozawa, and Hideo Itami. And in a Fatal-4-Way match, the unstoppable one doesn't have to be beaten.

Kalisto and Akira Tozawa both looked to become two-time Cruiserweight Champions and remind both the 205 Live roster and the WWE Universe that they're more than fun having superstars. As Tozawa said on a recent episode of 205, he didn't come to the United States to be a joke.

Hideo Itami, though, was ready to capture his first championship in the WWE. To say the former KENTA's run in the WWE has been a letdown would be an understatement. Tonight, he looked to show the WWE Universe why he was brought into the company: to get the respect he's earned. On the final episode of 205 Live, he defeated Kalisto and Tozawa and stared down the Cruiserweight Champion. Could tonight be his night? 

Kalisto vs Akira Tozawa vs Hideo Itami vs Buddy Murphy

Hideo Itami immediately rolled out of the ring, forcing the rest of the combatants to go for quick covers. Murphy sent Kalisto into the corner, allowing Tozawa to lock him up in the octopus stretch. Murphy broke out, taking him down with a backbreaker.

Murphy prevented a hurricanrana attempt from Kalisto, but the former champion finally sent him flying with another one. Tozawa dropped Kalisto with a kick and went outside for Murphy. Murphy drove Tozawa into the barricade, then caught Kalisto as he went for a suicide dive, suplexing him on the mat.

Hideo Itami got inside the ring and stared down Buddy Murphy. At this point, the heavy hitters began working each other over with powerful kicks and slaps. Murphy wouldn't be able to trade blows with Itami forever, as he drove the champion into the corner. Itami found Kalisto going up the apron, preventing him from getting inside. Murphy took Kalisto away in the powerbomb position, and Tozawa crashed into them both with a suicide dive.


Itami, the only man left standing amongst all the carnage, brought Kalisto and Tozawa in for pin attempts, only getting a pair of two-counts. On the apron, Kalisto launched Tozawa into Murphy with a monkey flip. Kalisto brought down Itami with a springboard senton and a springboard spinning elbow strike.

The Lucha House Party member dropped Itami with a rolling Death Valley Driver. Murphy back inside caught him before he could hit the Salida del Sol, lawn darting him into Itami in the corner. Tozawa blindsided Murphy with a missile dropkick and took him down with his striking combination followed by a shining wizard.

Itami prevented Tozawa from connecting with the Senton Splash, but the former champion brought Itami down with a hurricanrana, landing head first. On the outside, Tozawa hit Itami with a suicide dive. Kalisto attempted to sneak up on Murphy, only for the champion to send him flying into the other two competitors. Finally, Murphy dove onto his three challengers as well, taking out all three men with a gorgeous attack.

Murphy sent Kalisto inside, which may have been a mistake. As he got up on the apron, Kalisto drove him face first into the mat with a hurricanrana. Kalisto went up top but was stalled by Itami and Tozawa, allowing Murphy to position him for the package superkick. Tozawa broke up the pinfall attempt.

Murphy and Tozawa traded strikes while Kalisto and Itami recovered. A high cross body from Itami was caught by Murphy, but as he went for a sit out powerbomb, Tozawa planted him with the reverse hurricanrana. Itami sent Tozawa outside and went for the pin. Kalisto broke it up, dropping Itami with the Salida del Sol. Murphy, stunned, couldn't break it up, but Itami managed to kick out anyway.

Tozawa made it back inside, and all four men started striking each other. Murphy and Itami knocked out Tozawa and Kalisto, and Murphy avoided Itami's fists for a flying knee.

Murphy avoided an enzuigiri from Kalisto, sending him into Itami. Kalisto and Tozawa stunned Murphy with a double superkick. Kalisto escaped a German suplex for an enzuigiri. Tozawa avoided the hurricanrana driver for a kick of his own. Murphy back to his feet hit another knee on Tozawa and Kalisto who attempted a springboard manoeuvre.

Itami tried to go for the GTS '18, but Murphy escaped, landing two gunshot knees on the jaw of Itami. Finally, Murphy's Law finished Itami and the match, sealing another victory for the Juggernaut.

Results: Buddy Murphy defeated Hideo Itami via pinfall.