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WWE Royal Rumble News: Tye Dillinger Enters At #10 Royal Rumble As First Surprise Entrant

'The Perfect 10' was an appropriate nickname on this night...

In what was the first surprise entrant in the WWE Royal Rumble match, NXT’s ‘Perfect 10’ Tye Dillinger entered the match, at #10. Dillinger immediately went after Braun Strowman, who had eliminated several men up until that point.

Dillinger lasted a very short time, however, being eliminated by Strowman just as the #13 entrant, Baron Corbin was entering the ring. It was poetic justice, however, as Strowman was eliminated shortly afterwards by Baron Corbin.

Despite being a top prospect in NXT, Dillinger, real name Ronald Arneill, is a 15-year wrestling veteran, having debuted all the way back in 2001. During that period, he wrestled primarily on the independent scene, but also had a brief stint in WWE under the name Gavin Spears. His run was lacklustre, with few achievements to speak of.

Since his return to WWE and in NXT, he has experienced a resurgence in popularity. His ‘perfect 10’ gimmick has grown with the audience organically, with crowds cheering for him throughout his matches. At NXT TakeOver: Toronto, and at Survivor Series the following night, fans chanted ‘10’ very loudly throughout both nights. That was a major proclamation from the WWE audience that Dillinger was someone they wanted to succeed.

There was a lot of speculation that Dillinger would enter at #10 on the internet, given how his popularity with the WWE Universe has increased in the past few months. The audience cheered everything Dillinger did, chanting ‘10’ very loudly. Clearly, this is a man that the WWE Universe adores, and it someone who can look forward to a main-event call up soon.

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