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WWE Rumor Mill: Huge details emerge around why Big Cass was released

Gary Cassidy
12.95K   //    21 Jun 2018, 19:51 IST

Enter caNew rumours have come to light about Big Cass' recent firing
New rumours have come to light about Big Cass' recent firing

What's the story?

The sudden news of WWE releasing Big Cass hit the internet hard earlier this week, with rumours flying around with possible reasons as to why the seven-footer had his contract cancelled.

Well, while several issues have been brought to light, even more backstage stories have been unveiled and pointed towards as the reason for his release.

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In case you didn't know...

Big Cass had only recently returned to the ring following a serious knee injury, but it seemed like he was on an upward trajectory when he was placed into a feud with one of the hottest names in wrestling - Daniel Bryan.

Considering WWE's favourable booking towards Cass pre-injury and the new pairing with Bryan, it looked like the former NXT man was being pushed to the moon, but some backstage rumours started to emerge and Cass was released very suddenly this week.

The heart of the matter

As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Big Cass' release was the culmination of several incidents that garnered the wrong kind of heat for the big man and ultimately led to his dismissal.

WWE's announcement on Cass' release had people talking as it did not wish him the best in his future endeavours, a line they usually include when announcing departures, and several stories have already emerged around Cass' backstage attitude, but even more seem to be emerging on a daily basis.

The first story that emerged even before Cass was let go went back to May 1st after he went against company orders during an angle at SmackDown in Montreal. Cass was in an angle with a little person dressed as Daniel Bryan with a big boot and, while Cass reportedly asked officials if he could do a beatdown after the big boot to get more heat and told no, Cass went against these orders and did so anyway - even after being refused permission from Vince McMahon himself.

Besides this incident, another issue involving promos arose when Cass blew off a rehearsal for a promo that Kevin Dunn had requested. When Cass did the promo on SmackDown Live, it went over time and Vince reportedly wasn't a fan - but it's said that Cass' actions outwith the ring seemingly proved to be his downfall.

While Cass was reported to have heat even going way back to his feud with Big Show where the former took most of the blame, the final straw was said to be in relation to the most recent European tour.

Big Cas
Big Cass was in a feud with Big Show last year

Cass allegedly had some heat from an incident on a tour bus on the recent European tour, where Cass was locked in the bathroom due to a faulty locking system and broke down the door to get out as he thought he was being pranked - meaning every other Superstar had to use the toilet minus a door for the rest of the trip and WWE had to pick up the bill for the damages.

It's also rumoured that there were other behavioural incidents during this tour that put the final nail in the coffin - including Cass appearing inebriated in public and having a bad attitude during the tour.

Poignantly, it's said that WWE was happy with how Big Cass performed against Daniel Bryan at Money In The Bank, but the decision had already been made to let him go and Cass was released at a pre-SmackDown meeting in Toledo, Ohio this week.

What's next?

Well, it seemed like WWE had big plans for Big Cass, possibly not involving him losing via submission on two straight pay-per-views.

It remains to be seen if Big Cass will continue to be a wrestler outside of WWE, and the seven-footer is yet to comment on his release.

What do you think about Cass' release? What will he do next? Let us know in the comments.

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