WWE/UFC Rumor Mill: Reason behind sudden weight-loss of Brock Lesnar, his strategy for Daniel Cormier UFC fight possibly revealed

Brock Lesnar seems to have lost a ton of weight ahead of his UFC fight with Daniel Cormier
Brock Lesnar seems to have lost a ton of weight ahead of his imminent UFC fight with Daniel Cormier
Johny Payne

What's the story?

On a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a possible reason behind the sudden weight-loss of Brock Lesnar was discussed.

Additionally, a key factor in Lesnar's strategy for his upcoming UFC Heavyweight title fight against Daniel Cormier, has been expounded upon. Besides, further details on the same have also been discussed.

In case you didn't know...

Brock Lesnar dropped his WWE Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at this past Sunday night's WWE SummerSlam PPV.

Lesnar--a former UFC Heavyweight Champion--is reportedly set to return to the UFC in early 2019.

The belief is that in light of his training camp ahead of the all-important UFC Heavyweight Championship match against Daniel Cormier, Lesnar is likely to be off WWE television programming in the days to come.

The heart of the matter

One ought to note that a significant portion of the professional wrestling fans as well as experts asserted that Brock Lesnar appeared to have lost a considerable amount of weight--what with The Beast Incarnate being visibly deflated, physique-wise, in his Universal title match against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

The Observer now reports that Lesnar--who had failed a couple of steroid tests conducted by USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) back in 2016--re-entered the USADA testing pool last month, and has been subjected to surprise testing by the organization ever since.

It's being emphasized that Lesnar has been on the receiving end of three surprise tests by USADA, after having entered the organization's testing pool.

Besides, it's also being elucidated that Lesnar's body has changed, he's dropped a considerable amount of weight, and has already been in "hard fight training".

Furthermore, it's being explained that the plan is for Lesnar to walk around and train at a weight of about 270 pounds--which is significantly lower than his weight all through his UFC career.

The plan is for Lesnar to walk around at around 270 pounds, in order to ensure that he doesn't have to cut much weight to make the 265-pound Heavyweight limit for his MMA bout.

What's next?

The vast majority of MMA experts believe that Brock Lesnar will face Daniel Cormier for the latter's UFC Heavyweight Championship in early 2019.

As is the norm in the sport of MMA, the title fight is set to be a 5-round affair--with said fight rumored to be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meanwhile, the WWE Universal title is currently held by Roman Reigns who--with Lesnar having departed for MMA--is now being portrayed as the most dominant force on the WWE's RAW brand.

What are your thoughts on Brock Lesnar losing weight ahead of his UFC fight with Daniel Cormier? Sound off in the comments!

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