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WWE Rumor Mill: Reason Why Walter turned down WWE revealed; Considering new offer

Daniel Wood
1.82K   //    15 Sep 2018, 07:44 IST

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Is Walter heading to the WWE

What's the story?

Walter has become one of the bigger stars on the independent circuit and was supposed to join the WWE at roughly the same time as Keith Lee, with rumors of both men joining the WWE surfacing at the same time. It's now several months later and Walter still isn't with the WWE, but now, thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we may know why!

In case you didn't know...

Walter has remained a prominent figure on the independent scene despite speculation that he had, indeed, signed a deal with the WWE. However, his continued work for Rev Pro in the UK, a promotion that other WWE guys are no longer allowed to appear for, has thrown doubt into the status of Walter's relationship and employment status with the WWE.

The heart of the matter

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided an update on Walter, indicating that the WWE are renewing their efforts to secure the talented big man, and also revealing why he may have turned down the WWE the first time around.

They had wanted him at the time we reported it earlier this year, at the same time they went after Keith Lee. Because he had a contract and was an employee (not an independent contractor) with wXw in Germany, and had made it clear he didn’t want to be away from home for long periods of time, so that talk ended up not leading to a deal.

The Newsletter goes on to say that the WWE is now approaching Walter with a UK deal, which would allow him to make appearances for other promotions, like Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate do, and allow him to remain near home.

The latest idea, and we have no confirmation of him taking it or not, although in time that will be obvious because if he does take the offer he’d likely be U.K. tapings and disappear from Revolution Pro, would be to sign one of the U.K. style deals as opposed to the NXT/WWE deal that was offered.

What's next?

As Dave Meltzer has indicated above, it's well worth keeping an eye on Walter's future bookings because they could very well be an indication of where his future lies.

Where do you think Walter will end up? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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