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WWE Rumor Mill: Shawn Michaels expected to wrestle at least one more match for WWE 

6.89K   //    15 Nov 2018, 19:03 IST

Shawn Michaels could return for one more match
Shawn Michaels could return for one more match

What's the story?

Shawn Michaels returned to the ring at Crown Jewel earlier this month and afterwards, he stated that he was going back to his normal life, but it is now being reported that Michaels could wrestle at least one more time for WWE in the coming months.

In case you didn't know...

Ahead of his match alongside Triple H at Crown Jewel earlier this month, Michaels hadn't wrestled for more than eight years and he was definitely shaking off the ring rust throughout the match since there were a number of interesting moments between all four men who were part of the nostalgic matchup.

Michaels has become a trainer down in NXT and has still been part of storylines on WWE TV over the years, but as an official or a bystander, because he loves the business so much, it's hard for him to walk away.

The heart of the matter

Michaels noted that he was aware of the toll that his match would have on his body and it would remind him of the reasons why he hadn't stepped in the ring for eight years, but despite this Brad Shepard recently stated on the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast that Michaels could be looking to return for at least one more match

“I was talking with a source in WWE about the Shawn Michaels situation. Obviously, he had a total disaster of a match at Crown Jewel. It looked like mid-2000’s TNA stuff. So what I’m told now is more than likely he will wrestle again still," he said via Ringsidenews.
“The plan, to begin with, was multiple matches but after that disaster of a performance that changed things. But what I’m told is more likely than not you’re gonna get HBK vs an AJ Styles or Daniel or kinda a nostalgia match like an Undertaker again. So he is going to wrestle at least once more, maybe more, but he will wrestle once more. But it’s going to be one of those two scenarios.”

What's next?

WrestleMania comes around in five months time and Undertaker will need an opponent, could Michaels return the favor and retire The Deadman in his own backyard?

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