WWE Rumor: Does Sasha Banks want to move to SmackDown Live?

Does The Boss want to make a shift to team blue?

When a fan recently tweeted at Sasha Banks saying that the ’Little Boss’ (the title) will be back with her soon, the former Women’s Champion replied saying “I hope it’s blue”, indicating a desire to shift to SmackDown Live

When the draft was first announced, Sasha Banks admitted that she desired to join SmackDown Live, primarily due to the fact that it was her favourite brand to watch while growing up, because it featured her heroes such as Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio, among others.


She was a second round draft pick when she was drafted to Raw. She didn't seem to be too upset at the time because she was focused on Charlotte and the Raw Women’s Championship.


However, the next day, after a twitter user posted the video where Cesaro was upset about being drafted to Raw, Sasha Banks seemed to agree with him

It didn't work out too bad for Sasha at the time because she ended up winning the Raw Women’s Championship on the first Raw after the draft. In an interview along with Kevin Owens at their November tour of the UK, Sasha Banks proclaimed Raw to be the better show.

However, she ended up exchanging the Women’s Championship back and forth with Charlotte until December, which made her a three-time Women’s Champion in just four months.

Sasha ended up on the losing end of a historic feud with Charlotte. What she hinted with the aforementioned tweet may indicate that The Boss still has a deep desire to join team blue and cement her spot as a top star there.

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