WWE Rumors: Backstage push for Tye Dillinger to enter Royal Rumble at Number 10

Tye Dillinger has gotten tremendous response from the NXT Universe

What’s the story?

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet said on Lilian Garcia’s podcast Making Their Way To The Ring that there is a backstage push for Tye Dillinger to enter the Royal Rumble match as the 10th entrant.

In case you didn’t know...

Tye Dillinger’s gimmick is known as "The Perfect Ten”. He is one of the most popular stars on the NXT roster, and his “ten chants” have become one of the standard chants. It has even found its way to main roster WWE shows.

A perfect example of Dillinger’s popularity was the Survivor Series weekend, where for four straight nights, the Toronto crowd chanted “ten” for any time that there was a count of the referee or a count in general. An example of such can be seen below:


There has been a lot of buzz among the WWE Universe online about wanting Tye Dillinger entering as number ten in the Royal Rumble match. Another rumoured name for the Royal Rumble match from NXT is Samoa Joe, who appears to be done with NXT.

So far, 22 entrants are confirmed for the Royal Rumble, so it will be interesting to see how WWE utilises the remaining 8 spots.

The heart of the matter

Whether Dillinger manages to enter at Number ten or not is all up to Vince McMahon. There is no doubt that Triple H would push for one of his NXT talents to get a big spot at the Rumble. However, if anyone enters at number ten apart from Dillinger, they will likely be met with a chorus of boos. This would likely lead to WWE putting a heel at number ten just so that they get heat.

What’s next?

Whether Dillinger’s potential entrance at the Royal Rumble is a call-up or not would have to be seen. He is one of the rumoured NXT names to be getting a call-up to the main roster very soon.

Sportskeeda’s take

Tye Dillinger entering at number ten is the correct decision to make. It gives fans what they wanted, and an extremely memorable Royal Rumble moment for years to come. It would also kickstart Dillinger’s WWE journey in the best way possible. It need not even be his official call-up to the main roster. Dillinger would be an NXT star better suited to debut on the RAW or SmackDown Live after Wrestlemania.

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