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WWE Rumors: Batista reportedly done with WWE

Batista left the WWE in 2014, but could his departure be permanent?

Batista’s last appearance in WWE. Is he still interested in another return?

What’s the Story?

Cage Side Seats reports that Dave Batista is likely to have cut ties with the WWE. This goes against his previous comments about possibly returning at some point for a retirement match.

In an interview with MLW Radio’s Writers Room back in June 2016, Batista detailed what the conditions would be if he were to return, in order to prevent another backlash like the one in 2014.

"If I ever went back it would be a lot different, a lot different for sure. For one, I'd make sure even before I went back that I knew what I was getting into and they had a plan and stuck to it and I'd hold them accountable for what they promised me. The last time, I really didn't and I'm really sorry about the way the whole thing went, man, still. I'm a little sour about it still."

In case you didn’t know...

Batista was initially said to be under contract for two years on a semi-part time basis but left following filming obligations and the promotion of the Marvel Movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

He said in another interview with MLW’s Radio Writers Room that he wanted to come back for SummerSlam of 2014 while his movie Guardians of the Galaxy was still in theatres, but he was told not to by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon because of doubts about the movie’s success.

“I wanted to come back around [the time of] the release of the film, around Guardians. And I said, 'wouldn't it be great if I was back and I was also in the number one movie in the world?' And they kind of had a snicker and there was, you know, 'yeah, well, we don't know if the movie's going to be that good.” 

The heart of the matter

Since his departure in 2014, Batista has seemed to grow increasingly antagonistic towards the WWE and its decision making over the past few years. His latest run with the company plus the alleged disrespect showed to him by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon over the promotion of his movie seem to have soured him on the WWE.

This may be why he has been quite vocal about other officials in the WWE. Last year, following the news of Titus O’Neil being suspended and nearly fired by Vince McMahon, Batista publicly criticised McMahon for taking the WrestleMania payday away from O’Neil.

Sportskeeda’s Take:

If rumours are to be believed, then this could officially mark Batista’s transition into Hollywood and out of wrestling permanently. Batista has had great success in his acting career with the Guardians of the Galaxy series and the James Bond movie Spectre.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe building to the Marvel’s Infinity War movies, there’s a good chance that he’ll be in more top features films in the future. With a career in acting set in stone and the lack of appreciation from wrestling fans, it’s quite possible that Batista wouldn’t want to risk another situation like the 2014 Royal Rumble.

With the WWE booking still be considered questionable by fans and his poorly received return a few years ago, wrestling fans who wished for Batista to return may have to accept that The Animal wants nothing to do with the business anymore. 

Tweet Speak:

Later that year in May 2016, Batista responded to Stephanie when she claimed that slapping wrestlers was her finishing move.

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