WWE Rumours: Bayley possibly suffered a neck injury on Raw

WWE has yet to release an official statement on Bayley’s injury

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw, which had many high points and segments, such as Goldberg's return or Stephnie McMahon accepting SmackDown's Survivor Series challenge, are enough to mark the show as one of the most exciting Raw episodes of the year.

However, not every superstar had a happy ending and for many wrestlers on the Raw roster, the show did not end as they had planned.

One such superstar is the former NXT Women's Champion Bayley, who was shockingly defeated cleanly by Charlotte's Protege Dana Brooke during a one-on-one matchup.

Now it appears that the loss she suffered at the hands of Dana was not the only bad thing happened with the former NXT star during the night.

According to the reports from wrestlingnews.co, the former NXT Women's champion most likely suffered a legitimate shoulder or neck injury during her match with Brooke.

For those who missed the show, after their last two confrontations, Bayley was put in a match against Dana Brooke on tonight's episode of company's flagship show.

The match, however, abruptly ended when Bayley took a corner bump. The newest female member of Raw roster was apparently going for a high-risk manoeuvre and was climbing the ropes from outside of the ring to do so.

But before she could make it to the top rope, Charlotte’s protege countered and she hit Bayley on the corner post very hard, following which she pinned the former NXT Women's Champion for the win.

After the match, WWE posted a video of the female star where she was seen holding her shoulder backstage while heading to the trainer's room to be examined for potential neck and shoulder injuries.

While all this could very well be a part of storyline and Bayley may not have suffered a real injury, the way that her match ended is the main reason many people believe that she might have suffered some real damage while taking that corner bump.

If the speculations are true then this injury could not have come at a worse time for the former NXT star, because according to the recent reports WWE had plans for her to challenge Sahsa Banks for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania 33.

So if her injury is legitimate then it will not only mean that the Raw roster member would have to miss several months of action, but it would also possibly rob her of the opportunity to have a career defining WrestleMania movement between the ongoing Women's Revolution in WWE.

Whether or not she has really suffered an injury will be revealed in future but for now, the rumours have definitely raised concerns among the fans of Bayley.

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