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WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar most likely not appearing at WWE Draft on July 19th

There is a report doing the rounds that Lesnar is advertised for the WWE Draft

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The July 19th episode of SmackDown will be a watershed moment in WWE history. The WWE Universe will once again experience the timeless excitement of the WWE Draft. Since the spectacle is making a return after five years, it would come as no surprise if the WWE decided to spring one on its fans.

There were reports that one of the aces up their sleeve is Brock Lesnar. The former WWE Champion was rumored to be making an appearance at the WWE Draft, but it is highly unlikely that he will.

This is because the source of the report is the same one that sprung the rumours that next year’s Royal Rumble will be held in Los Angeles and that tickets for the show were on sale. The WWE quickly repudiated the rumors, which were swimming around last week. 

The reports suggested that Lesnar is advertised for the Draft, but there is nothing to cement them. Lesnar’s return to MMA on July 9th at UFC 200 will be no walk in the park, with former UFC Heavyweight Championship challenger Mark Hunt standing at the gates.

Hunt has won six fights in the UFC by Knockout, including both his previous encounters. Needless to say, Lesnar is not advertised to appear at any WWE live event between now and July 9th .  

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