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WWE Rumors: Company's plans for who will handle this week's Draft revealed

Johny Payne
1.98K   //    11 Oct 2019, 04:14 IST

The promotion is pulling out all the stops ahead of the WWE Draft
The promotion is pulling out all the stops ahead of the WWE Draft

As noted by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio, the WWE Draft will largely be focused on the promotion’s RAW and SmackDown brands.

Additionally, Meltzer noted that the NXT brand likely won’t be impacted by the WWE Draft. Besides, further details regarding the same, have also been expounded upon.

Several WWE Superstars could end up jumping ship from RAW to SmackDown or vice versa

This Friday night’s SmackDown episode is expected to feature the WWE Draft - with company head honcho Vince McMahon and his team, potentially having big plans for the same. 

In fact, the WWE has already announced a press conference that is set to take place before this week’s episode of SmackDown (October 11th, 2019); with said press conference featuring Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury.

The WWE has been highly-secretive about the Draft

Veteran professional wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer of The Observer noted on an edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, that the NXT brand wasn’t really considered to be an important part of the upcoming Draft.

Furthermore, Meltzer explained that its format is likely going to be akin to that of a football draft.

He added that one or more representatives from FOX and the USA Network respectively, are set to draft Superstars to the SmackDown (FOX) and RAW (USA Network) brands.

Meltzer also pointed out that the WWE isn’t likely to utilize authority figures for the Draft right now.

Moreover, Meltzer emphasized that the WWE Draft picks have already been finalized, and that none of the performers have currently been made privy as to whether they’ll be drafted to RAW or SmackDown.


It was also noted that none of the Superstars are likely to know about which brand they’re drafted to until the day of the “WWE Draft”.

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