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WWE Rumors - Company unhappy with a 5-Time World Champion, don't want him to wrestle

  • We may never see him inside a WWE ring ever again and that's unfortunate.
  • WWE is very bitter towards this popular Superstar and that's not a good sign.
Modified 24 Mar 2020, 13:25 IST

They don
They don't want CM Punk to wrestle.

There are a handful of inactive Superstars who the fans desperately want to see wrestle again. Maybe not the entire fanbase but a large section of it would certainly love to see them compete inside a WWE ring. CM Punk is one such retired star who has been rumored to make a return since the day he walked out of the company in 2014.

The former World Champion is involved with the WWE as an analyst for FS1 show WWE Backstage, however, he has a contract with FOX and not Vince McMahon's company.

It was previously reported that WWE would love to have Punk wrestle again and the only thing that was stopping that from happening was the man himself, who was done with his in-ring career.

It has now been revealed that WWE is also quite against the idea of getting Punk back as an active in-ring performer.

According WWE news Dave Meltzer revealed on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that there is more bitterness on WWE's side than Punk's, which is a surprise as it was believed to be the other way around.

The WWE officials currently have a healthy number of big-name special attractions such as The Undertaker, Edge and Goldberg and they reportedly don't need Punk to add star power.

According to another WWE news and rumors Punk reportedly has signed up to appear on WWE Backstage once a month, however, the length of his FOX contract is still not known.

Here's what was discussed on the WOR:

Dave Meltzer: I don't know. I think it's one show a month but as far as how long, I don't know, but I do know that WWE is pretty negative on the idea of Punk wrestling, more than I thought they would be but they are.


Bryan Alvarez: Negative in the idea of hiring him as a wrestler?

Dave Meltzer: Yeah of him wrestling with them, with the company. I think the idea is that between Bill Goldberg and Edge and you know, The Undertaker and people like that, they've gotten their fair share of guys like that and there's a lot of bitterness. Apparently, there is a lot more bitterness on the WWE's side than on Punk's side. I would have thought it would be the other way around.

Punk retired from pro wrestling right after he left the WWE six years ago and it's highly unlikely that we will see him lace up his wrestling boots again.

Published 23 Mar 2020, 22:45 IST
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